Custom Sub Zero, Ryu Hayabusa, and Ken Masters!


HissTank boards member TheLongestDay shows us his custom Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, and Ken Masters from Street Fighter! To see the rest of the images, click the thumbnail to the left, and click the discuss button to join the ongoing discussion!

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  1. TheLongestDay's Avatar TheLongestDay says

    Alright geezers!

    I realized my other customs thread was all over the place,so this is my "official" one lol.

    I will start with my latest creation,Mortal Kombats SUB ZERO!

    I decided to do my own version of him,inspired by his many looks.The main ones being his "shredder" look from Deception and his alternate "Mongol" like costume.

    When I FINALLY get some ninja Kus (help??trade???) I will probably do a more faithful version based on his "classic" look from the earlier games -plus I would like to do scorpion and reptile too.

  2. flip wilson's Avatar flip wilson says

    If you're looking for cheap ninja bodies, a tanker by the name of "bradforj" was selling a bunch of storm shadow from the cobra 5-pack super cheap. I picked up some myself.

    Hit him up and see if he's got any left. They're loose, but it beats the hell out of spending 8 bucks on one ninja-ku figure.

  3. TheLongestDay's Avatar TheLongestDay says

    Heres some more simple ones:

    Snake eyes (before the accident):

    and heres my version of a younger Hardmaster:

  4. TheLongestDay's Avatar TheLongestDay says

    Another take on young hardmaster...or he could be a whole new character too?

  5. Kalibus's Avatar Kalibus says

    There awesome man. I really like your subzero. You sooo need to do scorpion(my fav MK ninja) next.

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