G.I. Joe Most Wanted Figures In 2009

G.I. Joe Movie: Rise Of Cobra Action Figures are on their way! HISS Tank.com puts the power in you, the fans, to pick future characters and design features you want in your G.I. Joe Action Figures. The rules and regulations for posting your ideas for future figures are now up. So start digging out those back issue comics and old school figures you feel should make the cut into the new line.

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  1. DESTRO's Avatar DESTRO says

    This is a list of G.I. Joe figures you would like to see made for the upcoming Year Of 2009. Your Picks can include Movie, 25th, Modern Era, ARAH, Resolute and all other forms of G.I. Joe.

    Characters do not need to be Action Figures that have already been made. They can be characters from comics or a version of a character that have yet to be made.

    Please read the rules of this thread before you post a Figure.

    #1 -Each item should have a title, bolded, then an image representing that item, then a short description of that item and why you think it is that important to be on the list. Images are for people who may not have seen the version/ image of the figure you would like to have made. Please post 1 figure per post.

    #2-Please include a list of weapons and gear you would like to see with each figure. It's all about the details.

    #3 -Do not hotlink to images on other sites. Host them in your HISS Tank photo album, or use Photobucket.com.

    #4 -You may always link to your personal homepage, blog, or site if you have one.

    #5 -No Movie Bashing what so ever. Please respect the views and opinions of you fellow board members.

    #5 -Have fun! This thread can be a huge base of knowledge for new and old fans looking for custom ideas and for others to see G.I. Joe characters and versions of characters that would appeal to the action figure community.

  2. DESTRO's Avatar DESTRO says

    Cobra B.A.T. Evolutions Set

    We have already seen a few M.A.R.S. figures from the upcoming G.I. Joe Movie Rise Of Cobra. What I would like to see is the evolution of the Cobra B.A.T. even if this figure does now make it into the movie.

    I feel this is a strong enough character that it will sell on its own without much Movie hype. There could be a 3-pack showing the upgraded M.A.R.S version turning into the end game Cobra B.A.T.

    For some reason I always looked at the V2 1991 Cobra B.A.T. as an early version and a Step Down from the V1 Original. I do however like the bright Orange colors on the V2 version just replace the green with white.

    There should be at least the standard 3 weapons and fist included with the figure.

    -Small Missle Pod
    -Ram Attachment (Breaking Down Heavy Doors)
    -Light Saber Type Of Weapon
    -New Claw With 3 Pinchers
    -Net Capture Gun (Shoots Net Over Enemy Trapping Them)

    -Should use the Hologram Sticker

  3. Zarana's Avatar Zarana says


    Should be made becaues: Most important Cobra and Dreadnok member which has not been made in the modern line. Need more female charecters in the line. General awesomeness.

    Weapons: hand gun on some sort, weird weed wacker gun, back pack, possibly with removable head for infiltration purposes.

    Possible Varient: Pink hair vs. Orange hair

  4. BadWolf has no avatar! BadWolf says

    I would like to see a comic pack made as homage to the origional comic line with Dr. Venom and Qwin the Eskamo. both ran in approx. the same story arc and died in the same story. They were both memorable characters from the Marvel
    run and popular customs. I think they scream comic pack.

    Weapons and accessories: obviously something, but I can't think of any specific ones off hand.

  5. Drill's Avatar Drill says


    In the comics, Billy was one of the most interesting characters. The son of Cobra Commander is a character fans have been requesting for quite some time.

    Weapons: Flower with concelaed gun.
    Alternate Head with Eye Patch

  6. rockstarfrank's Avatar rockstarfrank says

    Cobra Boy Scout Billy and an army builder Cobra boy scout 5 pack!
    Hard Master
    Soft Master
    Dr. Venom
    Ninja Billy
    General Flagg
    Some fun stuff:
    Bongo the Balloon Bear
    Sgt Fury and his howling Commandos
    more M.A.S.K. and Venom

  7. General Hawk59 has no avatar! General Hawk59 says

    I would love to see old school zarana from the cartoon with all her gear...oh and dont forget her earings..

  8. Duffmann's Avatar Duffmann says


    Reason: Low-Light would be a usful caracter in any movie, cartoon, or comic series. Also he was a favorite of mine in the cartoon as a kid. Also I belive doing him 25th style would come out real nice.

    sniper's rifle & bipod

  9. The Batman has no avatar! The Batman says

    I think Recondo should be added into the 25th line (or whatever we are calling the new line. Not Movie) I think he is important to the Joes because he was a wanted character in the past as had some show time in the cartoons.

    Recondo should come with:
    Jungle Sniper Rifle
    Machete (that attaches to backpack)

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