G.I. Joe Hall Of Heroes Zartan and Storm Shadow

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HISS Tank.com has just received exclusive images of upcoming G.I. Joe Hall Of Heroes Zartan and Storm Shadow. Keep checking this thread for updated information on the Hall Of Heroes Line as we expect to see images of all 10 figures to be released today.

The Hall of Heroes not only celebrates what the fans like most in the G.I. JOE vs. COBRA saga,” said Michael Ritchie, Director of Marketing, G.I. JOE, “it is a bridge between the celebration of the storyline’s 25th anniversary and the kick-off to one of the most exciting years ever in the history of G.I. JOE” With induction into the G.I. JOE Hall of Heroes comes a new version of the top ten figures. Each will be released with unique deco and commemorative packaging. The “Hall of Heroes” line will be released in spring 2009.

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  1. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    The Hall of Heroes: Cobra Viper has been unveiled! Click here to check it out!

    Click HERE to see all 10 figures!

  2. Cold Slither has no avatar! Cold Slither says

    Whoo Hoo! Looks like those hands are fixed no? Can't wait for the rest of 'em! Thanks Destro.

  3. Troynos's Avatar Troynos says

    So it's the same figure we get in the 5-pack, but in special packaging?

    No difference between the two figures?

    That's kind of stupid and a big let-down.

    No way army building the corrected Viper at this price, damn.

    And I'm not a fan of the chrome. Hate it. Makes the figure look stupid IMO.

  4. Bermuda Mohawk's Avatar Bermuda Mohawk says

    For that price each!! FORGET IT!! Lame e-tail exclusive. They will be jacked up all over the place, and with shipping costs added, not worth it at all. Way to get the fans excited and involved only to stick it to them in the end.

  5. mister-x's Avatar mister-x says

    so, who all is going to be released like this?
    is it just a normal card (gold foil) in another box?
    if so.....AWESOME!!!

  6. wardamnpjm's Avatar wardamnpjm says

    I am not a MOC collector but I will be getting these and keeping them on card in protective cases.A little on the pricey side though.

  7. The Commander's Avatar The Commander says

    Will get one, maybe two, but no way i can troop build these

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