New Assault On Cobra Island & Defense Of Cobra Island Images

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Winter God & Degeneration of the have posted their images of the highly anticipated Modern Era 7-packs; Assault on Cobra Island & Defense of Cobra Island! This time around, we get to see the boxes from all different angles, including the box art of each character for the very first time!

Thrown in the mix is the Red Star repaint, which we saw a listing of many, many months ago. The Assault on Cobra Island set includes Recondo, Zap, Chuckles, Ripcord(who is calledSPC. Altitude in this set), Hit & Run, Outback & Wet-suit! The Defense of Cobra Island set includes Night Creeper, Lamprey, Air-Viper, Range Viper, Dr. Mindbender, Alley Viper & battle damaged B.A.T..

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  1. 245am's Avatar 245am says

    I don't think we've seen these out of box photos before... My apologies if these are old or if this should be merged with the other threads showing Hasbro's official photos. I didn't want them to get lost stuck at the end of that thread, though...

    What jumps out to me is the back photo of the Alley Viper... I didn't see the baton that was shown as an accessory in early photos in Hasbro's pics. Looking behind his shield, it looks like there are clips to hold the baton there! If that's right, that's pure win in my book. Zap is still suicidal though...

    edit: whoa- I just noticed the Alley viper Baton is sitting at Mindbender's feet in the first thread... So, I guess this confirms it'll be in the 7 pack. Maybe I'm the only one obsessed with this accessory; I just think it's a great urban nod...

  2. alexan2dros's Avatar alexan2dros says

    they look cool,,.. but where did they found them??????? why we cannt?

  3. 245am's Avatar 245am says

    Originally Posted by i<3COBRALA View Post
    hrmm wonder why redstar was in there?
    Dunno... it does look like there is a "HM" on his left breast pocket, so I'm guessing this is a Hasbro Master prototype photo he threw in...

  4. Syn3sthesia's Avatar Syn3sthesia says

    They need to take this Alley Viper and just slap it on single cards and increase production.

  5. Steel Brigade's Avatar Steel Brigade says

    That's very cool about the Alley Viper.
    Also, I have yet to see any pics show where you put the other end of Altitude's masks hose-plug.
    I notice the Starto-Viper actually SAYS "Strato-Viper" on the stand here instead of "Air-Viper."

    I have that Red Star coming to me soon in the mail... ^_^

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