G.I.Joe Rise Of Cobra Senior Ranking Officers Cobra Set Review

The Senior Ranking Officer 3 packs were popular Toys ‘R’ Us exclusives for the 25th Anniversary/Modern Era G.I. Joe line, so it’s only natural to see it continue in the G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra line. The Cobra set has been reviewed! This set includes:

  • Destro
  • Elite Viper

  • Viper Commando

Is this set worth the $14.99 that it retails for? Click on the discuss button to find out!

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  1. Steel Brigade's Avatar Steel Brigade says

    Carrying on the tradition from the GI JOE 25th/ME line, Toys R Us again offers "Senior Ranking Officer" 3-packs with the current Rise Of Cobra movie brand.
    The line has previously featured repainted figures & unique characters made up of previously released parts & this offering carries thru with that staple. It was noted that the last SRO packs for TRU (Air, Naval, & IG) were delayed because TRU did not like the packaging (understandable as they were somewhat difficult to stack), but the packaging still went through & was redesigned from the 3-tubes to a box format with the latest SRO offerings in ROC making it much easier for display space in TRU stores. The figures offered in the COBRA SRO pack are Destro, Elite Viper, & Viper Commando (Neo-Viper).

    Here we see the ROC Destro release in a cool color scheme based on the ROC video game (so I'm told). His heavy coat & pants are even separate tones & not the same blue, with the pants being a darker shade. He has added/traded paint apps on his gloves (red) & a shinier silver used on his head (vs. the muted silver on the single release). Although this Destro figure (in any color) is not featured in the Movie per say, he has a wonderful modern Military or even German/Russian/Euro look, & will help qualm some of the fans clamoring for his currently un-mass-produced Resolute-style release figure, because the design aesthetic is so similar. For those who have the single ROC Destro figure, we all know this is one of the best Destro's in Joe history made to date, as not only in design value, but he actually has double-jointed knees rarely seen in larger modern Joe figures. Also being one of the better figures overall from the current ROC line, he is one of the few to feature the leg plug feature so that he can carry all of his weapons (even outside his hands) right on him. He includes the same weapons as the single pack Destro minus the launcher. So you get the 2-piece separation rifle, the short rifle, pistol & stand. Although the single release Destro seems to be a peg-warmer with kids, this SRO pack seems to have the adult collector more in mind with the offerings inside. I think many will prefer this color scheme on Destro as it's not very classic Destro, but IS very "classic Cobra."

  2. Steel Brigade's Avatar Steel Brigade says

    ELITE VIPER: I think most fans will agree that Eite-Viper is one of (if not) the best Troop builder in the ROC line, & his inclusion in this Cobra SRO pack is a welcome one. This version of the figure features very different colors then the single release but still maintains a military muted pallet. Less glossy & now with a red visor & Cobra insignia on his chest-plate, many may prefer this color scheme for their Elite. With one of the BEST ranges of motion in the ROC line & being able to carry all of his gear on him, he is unique in the ROC line for having many stowable weapons all in at once without plugs. Both his rifles & axe store on his backpack & his pistol stores on his webgear. The weapons color is reversed here from the single release but the Elite Viper features all the same gear as the single release w/stand, minus the launcher. You'll definitely want one of these guys as your Commanding Elite Viper (or Officer) for your Elite ranks, as it's a quality figure with fresh colors.

  3. Steel Brigade's Avatar Steel Brigade says

    VIPER COMMANDO (Neo-Viper): Here we see the Neo-Viper again using the Viper Commando-moniker (as is the the Target ex. Neo-Viper w/Serpent Armor), why this phenomenon is & why it has been changing on Neo-Viper releases is unknown, as the named "Viper Commando" is a different figure in the ROC single releases. The color scheme on this Viper is almost icy, & chilling, & would be great for your Arctic forces as he looks cold weather by nature. The reverse colored helmet & red eyes are a nice touch & helps him fit with the red used on the other 2 figures included. As with the initial figures released for ROC, this Viper features weapons that plug-in, this time (as with the other Neo-Viper releases) in his backpack. He comes with all of the same weapons as the single release, 2 plugable rifles, a pistol, backpack, & stand. Sometimes referred to as the "Turtle Viper" by fans, you'll find this Troop to be welcome addition to your displays & collection.

    Compared to Walmart, K-Mart, & Target, these are the best PRICED exclusives currently available rounding out about $15 per pack, or around $5 per figure.

  4. DaViper's Avatar DaViper says

    another great review SB! I definitely like this version of destro over the single pack.

  5. vermillion21's Avatar vermillion21 says

    Like the new paint scheme for the Elite-Viper, but not grooving on the other two figs. PASS.

  6. Jaybird's Avatar Jaybird says

    I love the side-by-side pics in your reviews, SB!

    I'm thinking pretty seriously about getting this set even though the figures are all re-paints. They're all good re-paints IMO.

  7. goodbar2k's Avatar goodbar2k says

    Elite viper is sick...Destro is decent, my problem with both this one and the single-carded is that I feel like I can see the skin under his eyes...I prefer the solid silver mask. :(

    Not a fan of the Viper Commander before, less so with this version...red eyes are dumb?

  8. Mandingo Rex's Avatar Mandingo Rex says

    I hate all versions of the new ROC Vipers, as they just feel too goofy and video game/sci-fi... I definitely got this set for the Destro, and will either get a second Destro to give "business suits" to the Twins, or just keep the one I already have and use it as an Cold-Weather-CC, but the Destro in that blue was enough to make me buy it.

    I have to admit though, I don't think the Vipers are total crap in these color schemes for some reason... I do plan on making customs out of both of them as I hate their heads and vests, but the bodies are alright, and the weapons could be worse.

    They remind of the alien thing from Enemy Mine, and that doesn't go well with Joes.

    I also agree with the previous mention, that the Destro makes a better Resolute Destro than the Resolute Destro that we've seen (in my personal opinion)... I dislike the Resolute Destro for some reason, but this one is really great. I also prefer the blue over the gray. The only thing that I don't like is the head... I think they should have done vac-metal on at least one of the film Destros so far, and this would have been a decent place to do it.

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