G.I. Joe Pursuit Of Cobra 2010 Mech Suit Prototypes And Much More

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HISS Tank boards member toyssir898 has posted new images of several upcoming G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra prototypes. The vehicles shown include the return of the Sigma 6 Mech Suits:

  • Iron Hammer Mech for G.I. Joe, possibly with a 25th Anniversary style version of Hi Tech from Valor VS Venom(for those who don’t know, Hi Tech was the driver packed with the Iron Hammer Mech in Sigma 6, and was also in Valor VS Venom)! *As pointed out by HISS Tank boards member artiepants, the driver also sports a new G.I. Joe logo!
  • Shadow Hammer Mech for Cobra, driver currently unknown but has Wild Weasel‘s head sculpt

Another highly anticipated release, the retooled Cobra Rage with Alley Viper, now known as the Cobra Fury was posted as well. In addition, 2 new A.W.E. Striker repaints with drivers who look they might be different versions of Kamakura in green camo, or even Snake Eyes in blue camo, are shown. Both AWE Strikers feature markings from the Jurassic Park line. That’s not all though! The following, cancelled Sigma 6 items are shown:
  • Shadow Hammer Mech with Lowlight and Duke PAINTED!
  • G.I. Joe fighter jet with Barrel Roll

Could the appearance of the painted Shadow Hammer Mech with Lowlight and Duke, a rarity, signal a possible 5th Anniversary Sigma 6 release? Possibly an exclusive?

New 12″ G.I. Joe figures are shown, possibly as retailer exclusives for next year. Shown are:

  • Snake Eyes with web gear
  • Storm Shadow from the final duel
  • Destro in green camo
  • General Hawk in green camo

Click on the title bar to get taste of what’s brewing at Hasbro for G.I. Joe in 2010!

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  1. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    Originally Posted by Tanksmasher View Post
    Hmm...I might be interested in the Mech. Hard to say yet.
    I want all 3, even the Sigma 6 Shadow Hammer shown painted up!

  2. alexan2dros's Avatar alexan2dros says

    Originally Posted by fireflyed View Post
    those drivers with the awe's look sweet.

  3. spacemonkey's Avatar spacemonkey says

    I won't have a problem passing on all of this. Bring on POC!

  4. Xsoldier's Avatar Xsoldier says

    Well I thnk you ment AWE Striker and not VAMP for starters.

    I hope we get the two different paint jobs for the cobra mech. I like the second one much better. I would definately get two or three of each one, i'm sure they will be $25 or more, hopefully not exclusives though.

    The Fury is sick and I could always use an Alley Viper Officer. So that will be a must. I'll probably pass on the AWE Strikers though. Probably pass on the jet as well. I wish the sigma 6 mech was ME scale with ME lowlight.

  5. xFlintx's Avatar xFlintx says

    Those Mechs are sweet! I like the joe Driver more then the Cobra one though

  6. Gyre-Viper's Avatar Gyre-Viper says

    super detailed pics soon. of all of them. including the JP stuff.

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