GI Joe Pursuit Of Cobra Single Carded Figures On Display At JoeCon 2010

GI Joe Pursuit Of Cobra City Strike Firefly 02

On display now at JoeCon 2010 are single carded GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra figures, the 1st of which are destined to hit retail in August! HISS Tank has scored an up close look at these figures, like City Strike Firefly! Some of these figures debuted last year at JoeCon 2009 and will finally be in the hands of collectors in summer. Shown are:

  • City Strike Beachhead
  • City Strike Alley Viper
  • City Strike Firefly
  • Desert Battle Dusty
  • Desert Battle Zartan
  • Desert Battle Snake Eyes
  • Desert Battle Storm Shadow
  • Jungle Assault Recondo
  • Jungle Assault Duke
  • Jungle Assault Jungle Viper
  • Arctic Threat Snow Job
  • Arctic Threat Destro
  • Cobra Commander chase figure
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  1. Troynos's Avatar Troynos says

    The Beachhead is awesome.

    Great figures, can't wait to have in hand.

  2. BEAM has no avatar! BEAM says

    Love the packaging. Between these and the new Star Wars Vintage cardbacks coming out later this year, Hasbro is putting out some awesome packaging.

    I'll definitely be picking several of these figures up. Beachhead and Zartan are tops on the list.

  3. 89PILOT's Avatar 89PILOT says

    These are really cool figures!!!!!
    Anyone want to be my Transatlantic buddy,who'd be willing to get their hands on these when they come out????

    Oh aye - nearly forgot - Thanks Hasbro for not going to release these on this side of the pond!!!!


  4. C-GDSM 2487's Avatar C-GDSM 2487 says

    i like firefly / Beachhead great
    cant wait till they come out on sale

  5. rosales416's Avatar rosales416 says

    yea they actually come with more accesories instead of oversized rocket luanchers

  6. rip_cord's Avatar rip_cord says

    man, after seeing these pics, i think i'm gonna pick up most of these guys - they look great!

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