JoeCon 2010 and G.I.Joe Renegades

The guests at JoeCon 2010 were treated to info on the new, upcoming G.I.Joe Series, G.I.Joe Renegades!

The animation is on a G.I.Joe Resolute level. The G.I.Joe Renegades toy line will launch in Fall of 2011. The line will be a follow up to G.I.Joe Pursuit of Cobra which will end after Spring of 2011.

Renegades is a relaunch. The story starts off with the G.I.Joe Team on the run. There will be 26 episodes to start out, beginning with a 2 Part Pilot.

The 2 stills that were shown are of very high quality, which is a big plus for those that are looking forward to this new series. Unfortunately, there was no footage/sound.

The Hasbro Team hinted at a Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow 2 Part Arc and also noted that we’ll be getting back stories for characters! There will be no “dumbed down” stories as the writing in the series has both children and adults in mind.

We’ll definitely be sure to fill you in on more details as they’re received. For now, join in on the discussion in progress!

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  1. C.I.A.D.'s Avatar C.I.A.D. says

    G.I.Joe Renegades Info From JoeCon2010

    * The series will premiere in the fall on the Hub network, a partnership between Hasbro and the Discovery Channel

    * Margaret Loesch is the Executive Producer

    * 26 episodes will be a part of the first season, with a 2 part pilot and the 7th & 8th episodes focusing on Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

    * Additional mini-arcs will also occur during the season

    * The new series has no continuity with prior classic series, Resolute or the film series

    * The series is essentially "GI Joe Year One" and will focus on the characters as grunts and spooks during the beginning of GI Joe

    * The team is on the run from Cobra

    * We will learn where the characters got their nicknames

    * Cobra Commander will wear his distinctive mask

    * Destro's mask has a purpose

    * The core team consists of characters with distinctive personalities

    * The animation is traditional 2D with extensive focus on light and shadow. The backgrounds appear to have a watercolor look

    * The stories are not written for kids, but the series will not use bullets or any traditional weaponry. Characters will have signature weapons

    * Toy line will launch in Fall 2011

  2. Freedom's Avatar Freedom says

    If the animation is similar to Resolute, then the figures won't be stylized. I'm glad they're not going the Transformers Animated and Clone Wars route.

  3. 80sKid's Avatar 80sKid says

    This sounds very exciting! Was thinking of the million ways they could screw up this cartoon but if what is posted here is what we can expect it sounds perfect! ...Wish I was there got friends who live in Providence, I should have taken some vacation time and made it happen!

    ...I'm thinking that Low Light could possibly be for this toy line????? Also does anyone have pics of the two stills shown?

  4. captain N has no avatar! captain N says

    Ok the toy line is out in 2011? But weres the date for the show?

  5. CrimsonGuard101's Avatar CrimsonGuard101 says

    Ok they have perked my attnetion with the not dumming it down and possibility they wont be stylized like transformers animated. Best news I have heard yet. Time for them to execute and deliver. Sux though that POC will ending the spring of 2011 thats what august sept oct nov decem jan feb march? 8 months before a new series of figures gets released...again. If it hangs onto Resolute and the look and feel of POC I am all for it. Hate to start all over again with a another new toy line which will then segway into ROC 2.0 another new toy line argh...

  6. Snake Shadow09's Avatar Snake Shadow09 says

    Originally Posted by captain N View Post
    Ok the toy line is out in 2011? But weres the date for the show?
    fall this year.

  7. Solrac333's Avatar Solrac333 says

    Sounds awesome. Just from reading this maybe THESE guys should do Transformers too while their at it.

  8. poptart13's Avatar poptart13 says

    Originally Posted by Snake Shadow09 View Post
    pics of the 2 stills?

    cameras were not allowed for that part. i can tell you though, that itsa going to be awesome. its a great team they've got there.

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