GI JOE 2 Movie It’s Official The Rock Is Cooking

The official confirmation that Dwayne Johnson “The ROCK” will be involved with the GI Joe 2 Movie as a G.I. Joe Team member has come via his Twitter page. He posted up this image and a tweet. Now who’s playing The Baroness?

Dwayne Johnson “The ROCK” Twitter Page

[INDENT]It’s official: Call the Pentagon, get me my big ass gun – Rocks a JOE![/INDENT]

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  1. kennywr22's Avatar kennywr22 says

    While we have been reading that he was on board.The Rock just tweeted a little while ago that he's officially a Joe. He stated " give me a big ass gun I'm ready". I think this is pretty friggin cool for this franchise. Just my two cents.

  2. RuckusJr has no avatar! RuckusJr says

    Didn't he confirm this with the "And now you know..." tweet a couple weeks ago?

  3. kennywr22's Avatar kennywr22 says

    Sort of but it just wasn't official. We knew but this makes it real.

  4. TheRealDubya's Avatar TheRealDubya says

    When I see that dude in a camo wife beater and orange dungarees with Ma Browning held tight in his hands screaming at some filthy blueshirt, I'll know this shit is real.

  5. The Commander's Avatar The Commander says

    I like this. Having a "big name" like The Rock/Dwayne Johnson can only help the brand.

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