Channing Tatum Not In GI Joe Retaliation As Much?

As suspected since the GI joe Retaliation Trailer premiered, it’s sounds like Channing Tatum may not be in the movie much. You may recall that last summer, it was said that GI Joe Retaliation would be centered on Snake Eyes and Roadblock. Roadblock and Snake Eyes were featured in the trailer much more than Tatum, who isn’t seen(in the trailer) after the desert ambush at night. This lead some fans to speculate that perhaps his character dies early on in the movie. Perhaps later trailers may shed more light.

In any case, CraveOnline got a chance to talk to Tatum 1 on 1 after a recent press conference, and Tatum spoke about Retaliation:

Are there girls in ‘G.I. Joe Retaliation’ who can kick your ass?

No. I don’t think so. Oh no, there was a French martial artist. I don’t know, I’ve never really seen her fight. I wasn’t really in any of the scenes that she was in so I don’t really know what her capabilities are. She’s insanely beautiful in her movements, just elegant like I don’t even know. I wish I would’ve stayed to get to watch her fight though, do her scenes. She’s a very good athlete for sure.

The Rock and Bruce Willis are awesome, but is it bittersweet that the big guys come in and take some of the lead?[/b]

No, no, not at all to me. I’m very, very happy with the arrangement for sure.

Is there room for the original team in the sequel?[/b]

You’re going to have to watch the movie on that one, sorry.

Well the trailer is awesome. Did Jon Chu bring any of his ‘Step Up’ style to it?[/b]

I’m sure. I love Jon. Jon has his finger on the pulse of, I don’t want to say pop, but of the youth. I think he brings a youthfulness and an edgy hipness to it that I think the first one didn’t have.

And you wanted the sequel to get darker and edgier, right?[/b]

Yeah, I don’t know if it got darker. I just think it got edgier and more current and hip and it didn’t go so far into the CGI technical world. It really got more, I think Jon uses the words “boots on the ground” to describe it. More hand to hand stuff and just normal guns and normal soldiering.

Did you get to do the mountain repelling scene?[/b]

I did not. I wish I did. That would’ve been fun.[/i]

So ‘Tankers, are you pleased with the direction Retaliation seems to have taken?

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  1. killeykahn's Avatar killeykahn says

    I kind of see him showing up, in the movie's climax w/ a bunch of his service buddies, turned deputized joes and supporting Flint,et al. ina battle, or maybe in the movie's end, where someone would say to flint's team:"Hey, look who I found?" bam!, in comes Duke, a little bit banged up, but okay.

  2. Jmacq1 has no avatar! Jmacq1 says

    I still think they're actually going to kill him off, though I will easily concede that it's just as likely he spends the movie as a "guest" of Cobra.

    Still, the reason I lean towards "kill" is that with the Rock already being pushed as the new leading man of the series (and DJ Cotrona's Flint supporting him in the "traditionally handsome guy" role), Tatum becomes irrelevant. There's no point in keeping him on the franchise payroll just to sideline him.

    I hope it's true, just for the reactions it will undoubtedly evoke (both good and bad). Heck, even the previews suddenly had hypocritical fans that hated Tatum in the first movie complaining, "You can't kill Duke!" Plus I like the idea that Hasbro and Paramount may have finally just "moved past Duke." Turn him into a character like Hawk or Stalker who gets a new figure every couple of years instead of every other wave. Let other characters (And the ever-present Snake-Eyes of course) take the spotlight.

  3. PROVOST has no avatar! PROVOST says

    I definitely was not one of those saying "You can't kill Duke!"

    Matter of fact,hand me the side-arm....

  4. ArcticCG's Avatar ArcticCG says

    Originally Posted by SonOfMindbender View Post
    Was it something we said?
    hahahaha... Maybe....

  5. Jmacq1 has no avatar! Jmacq1 says

    Originally Posted by SonOfMindbender View Post
    Was it something we said?
    May very well be. This production seems bound and determined to try to win the "lapsed" fans back over, and given that Tatum's performance was one of the most disliked and derided parts of the first movie, what better way to show the fans "this ain't like the last G.I. Joe movie!" than by brutally killing off (arguably) the most hated part of the first movie in the first 10 minutes of the second?

    In other words, Tatum's death would be fan-service. Like if George Lucas had Darth Vader slice Jar-Jar Binks in half in Episode III.

  6. Troynos's Avatar Troynos says

    I'd love if they moved past Duke and let other characters get the spotlight.

  7. Shipwreck's Avatar Shipwreck says

    Like the first film, but also there were more pieces to it that bugged me then duke. By what I've been seeing , reading and such.. it's more so been a pleasure to see coming together. As for duke having a death scene.. it goes far beyond the original meant to die scene in the original animated film from the late 80's. Or have we forgotten that a spear through the chest sends you into a coma instead of into a coffin? this is a great step for the franchise. what is wrong with drama?

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