GI Joe Retaliation Vehicles Images

GI Joe Retaliation Cobra Fangboat 04

Fresh from Toy Fair 2012 are our own all new images of the following GI Joe Retaliation Vehicles:

  • Ghost HAWK II
  • HISS Tank
  • Cobra Fangboat
  • Ninja Commando 4×4
  • Tread Ripper Tank

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  1. Malcolm has no avatar! Malcolm says

    Smells of cheap.they would of been better off not including drivers.

  2. spiderpumpkin has no avatar! spiderpumpkin says

    Where's the Skystriker, DTC HISS and DTC Humvee repaints. These POC repaints are getting old. They must have done some testing with kid focus groups and found colorful toys are what the kids want. Looks like we're getting the Nerf-Hawk and maybe the Nerf-Mobile is next.

  3. SidDarth's Avatar SidDarth says

    Just tell me that awful rocket launcher is removable from the water moccasin.

  4. Python_Puckman's Avatar Python_Puckman says

    Originally Posted by SidDarth View Post
    Just tell me that awful rocket launcher is removable from the water moccasin.
    My thoughts exactly. I kinda dig the colors they picked, but that giant gun has to go.

  5. Dem_Yoe'z!'s Avatar Dem_Yoe'z! says

    The vehicles suck and without a good vehicle driver they are even more fail. Did we really need another awestriker repaint? Really?

  6. tycondrius's Avatar tycondrius says

    you know I'm surprised they didn't just mold the drivers onto the vehicles. that way they coulda had a better cutting costs excuse. rather then the crap they have given us. tho saying that the CC in the Hiss looks nice its a pity the mold sucks. and I also wanna see a close up of that Swamp Viper

  7. Quick Kick has no avatar! Quick Kick says

    Not only does the plastic look cheap and the driver, but the packaging looks really cheap as well. I was really excited about what was possible vehicle wise for the movie, but I don't know if I will purchase any of these. They will look weird and second rate next to even the 30th anniversary vehicles.

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