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Lots of new G.I. JOE Comics for you to take a look at. Notably, the current crossover between the three main IDW series – G.I. JOE, COBRA, and SNAKE-EYES – is sharing the same creative team. We see the Cobra organization, now out in the open, pushing hard militarily in world affairs. Also available is the Cobra Annual #1 detailing the new Cobra Commander’s intriguing back-story.

Also available is the ongoing classic Larry Hama A Real American Hero title.

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Recently added to the site are a variety of vintage G.I. JOE vehicles and also a full collection of Sgt. Savage figures and vehicles from the mid-90’s. We’ve also added a lot of listings for previously sold out Rise of Cobra figures and vehicles, including a few pieces that were not available domestically (U.S.).

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