G.I. Joe Basic Line Found At US Retail Dollar General

gijoe basic cards dollar

Thanks to HISS Tank.com boards member JWilli1925 for posting up the first US Retail sighting of the new GIJOE Basic Line figures. The new figures are retailing at a $6.00 price point at Dollar General – Oklahoma! Happy Hunting….

More GIJOE Basic figure images after the jump.

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  1. JWilli1925 has no avatar! JWilli1925 says

    On my way home today, I saw a tweet about the discount Joes being found in the wild, so I took a shot and ran by a Dollar General. No luck. On a whim, I decided to try another and lo and behold, a full set. I've never been this lucky when it comes to finding figures. They were on the old $3.50 pegs, but they rang up at $6.00. I was so excited I didn't raise a stink about it. But they're out there. Go forth and good luck everyone.

  2. RolandofGilead's Avatar RolandofGilead says

    SHIT! We don't have Dollar General here and I still don't know if this means Big Lots, or another store in Southern California.

  3. Crimson Rage's Avatar Crimson Rage says

    They'll be turning up on Ebay soon for three times that price when certain other parties get their hands on them - I wouldn't mind a Duke & Shipwreck, but don't think it'll be worth my while.

  4. RolandofGilead's Avatar RolandofGilead says

    Since there is no answer, and no version of Dollar General in my area, I will be hitting up all the local Big Lots I can and hope to find... something I guess.

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