GI Joe 30th Annniversary 1982 Commercial And Catalog

GI Joe 30th Annniversary 1982 Catalog 01

To commemorate the GI Joe A Real American Hero 30th Anniversary, HissTank boards member vallen has shared not only a commercial but a recreation of the 1982 catalog, with a mix of 25th and 30th anniversary Modern Era GI Joe toys. While GI Joe has gone through several incarnations throughout the years, a major shift occurred in 1982 when Hasbro made GI Joe in 3.75″ scale. The legacy of this scale is reflected in action figure brands even beyond GI Joe, as it has been a staple in action figure aisles for several years. Fitting for a brand that was just recently voted as the favorite toy of the past century.

The commercial can be seen below:

Meanwhile, check out a blast from the past(’82 to be exact!) after the jump!

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  1. vallen's Avatar vallen says

    Hey guys...I just thought I would pop in and show you something that I had done a while back to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Joe. I got my first Joe in 1982 during the Fall, so for me this really is the 30th. The figure was Grunt of course, straight arms and all. Anyhow here is a recreation of that 1982 catalog that many of us of stared at for hours. The pics are in jpg format and are 8 by 11.

    This goes with the unofficial video that we did late last year.

    G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary 1982 Commercial Reboot - YouTube



  2. fireflyguy's Avatar fireflyguy says

    I love it! My first joe was actually around my birthday in December if '82 --- Breaker. Then a week later for Christmas, I got the vamp and clutch. I was hooked. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Indiana Joe's Avatar Indiana Joe says

    This is the coolest. Where are the Gijoe fans at Hasbro ? This should of been a no brainer.

    Great work. You deserve a major award.

  4. RangerBrian1138's Avatar RangerBrian1138 says

    Nice Commerical and recreating the Catalog, Snake Eyes was my first joe back in 1982 on my birthday

  5. dgnr82's Avatar dgnr82 says

    I love it.....I thought of doing this at one point,...just no time.

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