GIJOE Desert MOBAT Tank ROC Custom

Desert Mobat ROC

Thanks to HISS boards member stryker ninja for posting up his custom GIJOE Desert MOBAT Tank

WEAPONS: Z-68A 140mm cannon, .50 caliber rapid-fire machine gun
The G.I. JOE team’s unrelenting battle tanks roll over the toughest terrain. The tanks have a main turret that rotate 360 degrees, so it doesn’t matter from which direction enemy vehicles come these tanks will find them and fire on them. With the infrared night scope, the enemy cannot hide in the darkness or the shadows. The tanks have super-traction treads for climbing over rough ground with ease, and triple-thick armor plating that can withstand heavy firepower.

Many more GIJOE Desert MOBAT Tank images after the jump.

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  1. stryker ninja's Avatar stryker ninja says

    Another custom I did a while ago, Comments appreciated good or bad. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy!

  2. orezona's Avatar orezona says

    Sweet use of the Steel Crusher plow!
    Great paint job and decal aps too.

    Very clean looking custom you've got there. Nice work!

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