Lorenzo Di Bonaventura On G.I. Joe Retaliation 3D Conversion

[Url=”http://collider.com/gi-joe-2-retaliation-3d-lorenzo-di-bonaventura/210230/”]Collider[/url] has posted excerpts from an interview with G.I. Joe Retaliation producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura. Topics include 3D conversion for Retaliation and a Storm Shadow VS Snake Eyes fight “perfect for 3D”(the hallway scene briefly shown in most of the trailers).

First, advances in 3D technology:

“We learned a lot about 3D—I personally learned a lot about 3D in Transformers. The conversion part of the 3D process is night and day, you know, every three, four months it’s better than it was before. It’s amazing how fast that thing has changes. And originally we didn’t really have the time or the resources to try to figure out how to shoot it in 3D in the time frame that we were originally talking about, you know, starting in August and releasing in June. So this delay has allowed us to go at it now.”[/i]

Then how well 3D works with sequences by director Jon M. Chu:

“Jon [Chu] has some sequences that are really, there’s a phenomenal—for G.I. Joe fans it’s going to be one of the really great scenes for them, because there’s a fight between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in a hallway that is so perfect for 3D I can’t tell you. It’s going to be like one of the coolest fights ever in 3D, because there’s so much about it that’s dynamic. That’s going to be really fun. And you know people have seen bits and pieces of the Himalayan sort of rock climbing thing, it’s almost 3D without having turned into 3D, so I can’t wait to see that. That one’s going to be like what the hell?” [/i]

Finally, words on how the delay until March 2013 worked for the better:

“When you’re planning yourself all towards one direction, you know, you definitely go, ‘Whoa, what the hell?’ But the second—here’s a sort of simple way for me to look at things: if the studio wants to spend money on making your movie better, let them… I find it hilarious when people fight that, you know? I’m like, ‘Great, you want to spend a lot of money and try to make our movie a bigger success? Okay! That sounds good.’ And Jon got that too. The first moment you’re sort of going, “Whoa! Uhhh, wait.’ Then you realize, ‘Oh okay, great, let’s do that.”[/i]

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  1. 46 Zone's Avatar 46 Zone says

    SS and SE fight in a hallway? Hopefully no swords then. Just matrix style kung fu.

  2. M_renegade's Avatar M_renegade says

    I think that wayne's World had less
    what the hell

    i'm like

  3. neapolitan joe's Avatar neapolitan joe says

    The reason is -Mister Channing Tatum-:
    1) In Retaliation Duke died at the beginning of the movie so Tatum had a short part;
    2) Tatum is now a star. World's sexiest man of 2012.
    Paramount wanted to wait the success (or not) of
    a) The Vow,
    b) 21 Jump Street (a sequel in 2014!),
    c) Magic Mike.
    March 29 2013 Retaliation'll be around the world with Tatum The international sex symbol and movie star with a main part till the end of the movie.
    It is marketing.
    Rise of Cobra was not an epic movie, just a little success and Paramount does not want to risk.
    But Di Bonaventura, please, do no tell us lies again as You did with Mister "Mummy-Robocop-StarshipTroopers" Sommers.
    My only hope is Chu.

  4. teemu8 has no avatar! teemu8 says

    this will flop just as much as rise of crap

    and tatum sucks too (literally)

  5. Sapper's Avatar Sapper says

    Does this mean the movie's plot, acting, pacing/etc. are going to magically become better?

    Seems almost like they're trying to distract us from the... hey, a butterfly!!!

  6. dragon's Avatar dragon says

    when he says you know he makes sound weve been there on set, we know what that experince is like no we dont know.

    intersting interview this i do know he said ( its almost 3D without having turned into 3D ) i have witness that in sucker punch movie it wasnt in 3d some of scenes they showed look like it was in 3d train scene for example

  7. lancelot2021 has no avatar! lancelot2021 says

    Like I said before, all this 3D talk is a marketing ploy. Every other sentence is practically just them saying "the movie is way better now that it has 3D!". I'm not falling for it.

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