Star Brigade Lunatrix Alien Empire Predacon, Carcass And Lobotomaxx

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Thanks to boards member RATFINK for posting up his take on the GIJOE Star Brigade Lunatrix Alien Empire: Predacon, Carcass And Lobotomaxx! I can’t see us ever getting the Modern Era update of these characters but if we did, this is what they should look like.

Carcass and Predacon were recruited by Lobotomaxx to help pillage the backwater planet of Earth. Upon arriving in Earth’s solar system, however, all three would-be raiders and their ship were devoured by Unicron.

Recruited into the army of thralls that guard Unicron’s vast interior from invaders, Carcass battled Cosmos and Flint when they penetrated the chaos bringer’s exterior. Grappling with Flint at Unicron’s brain, Unicron spoke to the human through the alien, mocking his insignificance. Flint tossed a sack of metal-eating fungus at the monstrous servitor and detonated it with a blast from his shotgun, spreading the destructive contagion to Unicron himself Carcass’s fate in the resulting destruction is unknown.

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  1. RATFINK's Avatar RATFINK says

    All 3 Lunatrix aliens! took awhile to finish but i am happy with how they came out Let me know what you think!




  2. WildWeaselZ06's Avatar WildWeaselZ06 says

    Dude, sick. So looking forward to meeting you one day and getting some pointers. Have to invite some of the KC area tankers over here to show you my collection. Of course, it's nothing spectacular. It's just that I love my Joes. Hopefully, if I start customizing I can get 1/10 your talent.

  3. This I Command!'s Avatar This I Command! says

    These look fantastic! Especially Lobotomaxx a spot on ME representation of something I'm quite sure we'll never get an update of. Great work.

  4. Kujo's Avatar Kujo says

    Yeah, these are fantastic. Lobotomaxx had a very eerie feeling about him. Makes me feel like if there are aliens, they'd have that face. Great Job!

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