GIJOE Retaliation Lady Jaye In-Hand Action Figure Images

012 Lady Jaye GIJOE Retaliation Movie

New in-hand images of GIJOE Retaliation Lady Jaye from wave 3 of the movie action figures have now been added to the GIJOE Database. New new Lady Jaye has an impressive assortment of painted weapons and gear, along with a nice camo pattern and paint apps.

Lady Jaye 2013 – Retaliation G.I. Joe Figures G.I. Joe Retaliation

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  1. Konigstiger has no avatar! Konigstiger says

    Factory face paint is busted, as usual, but that buck is still a good one, so one or two of these may be on my list.

  2. M_renegade's Avatar M_renegade says

    Ok, i was the first one to say "she will look better in the final release".

    She's HORRIBLE.*

    Granted, the paint doesn't helps at all, but she doesn't looks like Adrienne Palicki. Chubby cheeks, pouty mouth (Palicki tends to make pouty mouth, but she's beautiful), and those lines at the sides of the nose make her look aged.

    I hope it can fix her with some new paint, because the figure aside of the awful head looks great.
    Good equipmente, and camo looks cool.

    *Their 3D scanner need a serious fix.

  3. Dead Man Walkin's Avatar Dead Man Walkin says

    Yuck--that mug. And I know digi-camo is what they use now, but g'damn it's ugly, especially in these colors. Easy pass for me.

  4. lancelot2021 has no avatar! lancelot2021 says

    That girl is uglier than a corn dog in a bowl of piss. She has a decent enough paint job on the Renegades Scarlet body, and the plentiful and well painted accessories justify a future purchase. The fact that my current Lady Jay does not have wrist articulation is the final factor to convince me to buy this figure when it is released.

    We need pictures of this figure head swapped with the other versions of Lady Jay because I suspect this figure will be of most interest to those of us who only got a past version of her that could not swivel wrists. I still do not understand why Hasbro did that.

    Anyone who has the 25th version of Lady Jay that can swivel her wrist probably will not want this figure unless it is for a custom or kit-bash.

  5. BEAM has no avatar! BEAM says

    Once again Hasbro turns a beautiful actress into a plastic hag. First Sienna Miller now Adrianne Palicki.

    I'll probably grab her just for her weapons assortment. Maybe it will look slightly better in hand.

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