Dollar General T’Gin-Zu Auction

GI Joe Dollar General TGin Zu 01

Earlier an auction was posted earlier by viperskingdom for the currently unreleased Dollar General T’Gin-Zu GI Joe Basic figure. Viperskingdom has ended the auction but we have mirrored the new images here. Click on the headline to check out the images.

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  1. Kaboomskie's Avatar Kaboomskie says

    I take this as a positive sign that the repaint DG Joes will be available next year. I sure would love to army build those Sunbow blueshirts!

  2. orezona's Avatar orezona says

    Weird. I was just looking through all of VK's auctions yesterday and didn't see this one.

    I expect there will be a lot of activity since we're seeing wave 3 Retaliation figs and now at least one DG fig coming out of Asia.

  3. Troynos's Avatar Troynos says

    Don't take this as necessarily a sign of things to come..

    Remember, VK also had most of the canceled RoC figures up at one time or the other (and still has some).

    So just because he's got the Storm Shadow doesn't mean it'll be out in stores.

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