Kim Arashikage Jinx FSS GIJOE 25th Anniversary Style Images

001 Jinx Kim Arashikage FSS 25th

New images of the Jinx Kim Arashikage FSS figure are now posted up.

Kim Arashikage Studied and competed in three forms of martial arts from the time she was seven until she graduated from Bryn Mawr. Upon arriving in Japan for a vacation, she discovered that her family had been ninjas for generations and was, in fact, the cousin of Storm Shadow. She was officially initiated into the Arashikage clan and trained as a kunoichi by the Blind Master. Eventually, Snake Eyes took her as an apprentice and convinced her to bring her skills to the G.I.Joe team, where she earned the nickname Jinx after putting the whammy on Cobra.

Many more images of Jinx after the jump.

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  1. Turtle Master's Avatar Turtle Master says

    I'm hoping the white SDCC Jinx head is big enough to balance out that long neck on the FSS fig. The thinner FSS face should look better on the red SDCC body, which looks a bit squat. That leaves the white SDCC body for my karate Scarlett (v5).

    Any suggestions for the red Jinx head?

  2. DrKain's Avatar DrKain says

    That is an ugly figure. Her neck is way too long. I would rather have the SDCC one.

    At least they did not say her name was classified though...

  3. c_money_collins's Avatar c_money_collins says

    I don't like that figure either. She looks really ugly. Glad I passed. I still think that the Barrel Roll fig might be the best.

  4. polyphenus's Avatar polyphenus says

    The SDCC Jinx comparison picture reminds me of comparing the Kardashian sisters. Everything's fine until along comes that one that looks like Lurch from The Addams Family...

  5. Davestro's Avatar Davestro says

    She's a good figure, just too tall for Jinx. The SDCC definitely would be my definitive version.

    The VVV version was built like a tank, so I guess this version is an homage to that one.

  6. cobracobra's Avatar cobracobra says

    She is kinda fun to own. The leg clasp is faulty at best. The neck to head problem is kind of a let down. Someone posted a photo of her with a ROC scarlet head and that looked way better.

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