Cobra Dice FSS GIJOE 25th Anniversary Style Images

001 Dice GIJOE 25th Anniversary

New images of the Cobra Dice FSS figure are now posted up.

Intelligence sources indicate that Dice was once part of the Night-Creepers, but was kicked out for attempting to steal a sacred jeweled dagger from the clan leader. he soon partnered with a fellow rogue Ninja Swordsman names Slice, and the combination of their complementary fighting styles made them a force to be reckoned with. They each took positions as loyal bodyguards to the Cobra hierarchy in the absence of Storm Shadow. Dice is, however, the most sadistic Ninja in Cobra employ by far, and often finds himself undertaking mercenary missions alone.

Many more images of Dice after the jump.

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  1. Jinx723's Avatar Jinx723 says

    I am just surprised that Dice was released in the first shipment.

    Thanks GIJCC, I rather pay you guys for these figures, than wait for Hasbro to realize there's more to G.I. Joe than Cobra Commander, Duke, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

  2. ShadowNinja's Avatar ShadowNinja says

    anyone know what parts he uses and what head (new mold?) that is? thanks.

  3. ShadowNinja's Avatar ShadowNinja says

    really? the harrison ford head from the manta...thats crazy. thanks.

  4. 46 Zone's Avatar 46 Zone says

    This is a great figure but I have 1 complaint. His feet are too small. Its like he had bound feet as a child.

  5. Turtle Master's Avatar Turtle Master says

    For Slice I'm planning to use the red ninja body (with snipped shoulder sash) with the 3-pack red ninja head and mask. Should get pretty close, since I never cared for the spots.

    Dice was a good job by the Club. Can't wait for shipment two.

  6. khill926's Avatar khill926 says

    I'm not a huge ninja guy but, Dice is growing on me. Great parts choices and great paint apps. Keep 'em comin' club.

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