Custom Modern Era Battleforce 2000 Team

In 1987, Hasbro introduced us to Battleforce 2000, a Hi-Tech unit of G.I.Joe. The team included 6 characters, with each being the driver/pilot of an experimental vehicle. Each vehicle had components that would merge to form the G.I.Joe Future Fortress. Another character was introduced to the team in 1989, but was not designated as a driver/pilot. Thankfully…er….I mean sadly, almost all the members of BF2K were killed in the battle of Benzheen, except for Dodger, who was later re-assigned to the G.I.Joe team’s Sonic Fighters brigade.

Your fellow HissTanker Ian has given new life to the long gone sub-team; even going as far as making one of the characters female! You need to check out his modern era updates of Avalanche, Blaster, Blocker, Dodger, Knockdown, Maverick & Dee-Jay!

Join us after the jump to see each character in detail and to share your thoughts on these awesome customs!

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  1. Ian's Avatar Ian says

    Battle Force 2000


    Knockdown unmasked


    Maverick unmasked


    Blocker unmasked


    Dodger unmasked


    Avalanche unmasked


    Blaster unmasked


    Deejay unmasked

  2. Superjoe74's Avatar Superjoe74 says

    Battle Force 2000 came out after my initial collecting days as a child in the '80's and even though I am not entirely familiar with their back story, I would like to see the team produced in the ME style for a Convention set, for retail or an Internet exclusive pack. I would much rather have new characters produced than just simple repaints like Tiger Force or Night Force.

  3. steve2477's Avatar steve2477 says

    Female Knockdown came out better than i expected. Fantastic work on all of them. Front paged well deserved.

  4. jumido has no avatar! jumido says

    You absolutely nailed every single one. Nailed 'em. This would make a great internet only exclusive

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