Custom Modern Era MASK & VENOM

Your fellow HISS tanker Bad Sociologist made these custom modern era MASK & VENOM figures.

Included are: Alex Sector, Buddy Hawks, Dusty Hayes, Hondo MacLean, Matt Trakker-RHINO Uniform, Nevada Rushmore, Cliff Dagger, Floyd Mallory, Miles Mayhem, Sly Rax & Vanessa Warfield.

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  1. Bad Sociologist's Avatar Bad Sociologist says

    Not sure if I ever posted these guys here, but I had a few people ask me to post them again.


    Alex Sector

    Buddy Hawks

    Dusty Hayes

    Hondo MacLean

    Matt Trakker-RHINO Uniform

    Nevada Rushmore

  2. Bad Sociologist's Avatar Bad Sociologist says


    Cliff Dagger

    Floyd Mallory

    Miles Mayhem

    Sly Rax

    Vanessa Warfield

  3. CaR KiLLa has no avatar! CaR KiLLa says

    Wow, just freaking wow. Same questions as others. Did you have a WIP section on your building of these? Next to Joes, this was my next favorite and biggest kept collection of toys.

  4. Bad Sociologist's Avatar Bad Sociologist says

    Sorry, didn't take an WiPs. These were built around the time RoC figures were getting leaked on eBay.

    The helmets and most of the head sculpts were from Trigate/ Slayer. To my knowledge the molds wore out and I doubt any more could be created.

  5. KREXX's Avatar KREXX says

    great work! , I sculpted all the helmets and head sculpts for SDS , .. and I have plans next year to make a new set .. this time with more detail and better desing

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