GI Joe Basic Wave 2 Sighted At Marshalls

The 2nd wave of GI Joe Basic Figures, originally destined for Dollar General stores, has now turned up at Marshalls for $4.99 each. This entire wave features repaints of the 1st wave figures. GI Joe Basic Wave 2 includes:

  • Duke
  • Snake Eyes
  • Shipwreck
  • Cobra Officer
  • T’Gin Zu
  • Cobra Commander
These figures may prove easier to find than the previous wave, now that this series has hit Marshalls(and possibly TJ Maxx soon). Happy hunting!

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  1. Rodimus88's Avatar Rodimus88 says

    Posted this in the Ohio sightings. My youngest found the wave 2 Cobra Soldier. The zinger is that it was at Marshals! Price was $4.99
    Dollar General wave 2 sighted-img-20130125-00166.jpg

  2. Jinx723's Avatar Jinx723 says

    A discount store stocking new toys after the Holidays??? Guess we'll see if this a nationwide thing.

  3. brock Samson's Avatar brock Samson says

    Let the craziness begin! Even better they're at marshalls for 4.99!

  4. Dragasses's Avatar Dragasses says

    say whaaaaa?

    naw budts, it's was bound to happen. so is kwinn in that wave?

  5. brock Samson's Avatar brock Samson says

    Originally Posted by Dragasses View Post
    so is kwinn in that wave?
    Why would you think that?

  6. Gideon75's Avatar Gideon75 says

    Now if they would only get Wave 1 of these figures too! I never found the Cobra trooper, but I did find all the others.

  7. RolandofGilead's Avatar RolandofGilead says

    Now Marshall's we have in spades around here.

    Should we change their name from DG Wave 2 to "Marshall's Joes?"

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