GI Joe Retaliation Featurette Low Res

Did you want to watch the GI Joe Retaliation Featurette but don’t want to watch Hansel & Gretel to do so? Youtube user bollomonkey has come to the rescue(this does contain spoilers, watch at your own risk!)! Scenes range from the oft-mentioned hallway ninja real ultimate power duel to the subsequent Himalayan mountains ninja duel with even more ninjas, Bruce Willis cracking some jokes, Adrianne Palicki rolling her eyes, Cobra Commander being broken out of prison & more.

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  1. WildWeaselZ06's Avatar WildWeaselZ06 says

    Well, my wife and I went out for Date night and we went to see Hansel and Gretle. Overall, I ahve to say that I enjoyed the side of the mountain ninja fight and the Hallway fight snippets. I'm not a huge 3-D fan, but for alot of it, I was quite pleased. John Chu and Company, well done. You've won me over.

  2. McSoundwave's Avatar McSoundwave says

    After all these years, I still have yet to seen ROC, but I will head out to watch this offering. It looks to be promising.


    I love this new trailer. The hallway scene and taking Storm Shadow give me goosebumps, I'm really getting excited. March can't come soon enough.

  4. ShadowNinja's Avatar ShadowNinja says

    I hope this part wasnt the best part of the movie and I hope there is another fight between these two in it cause this what I was looking forward to. All the movie I wanted to see was contained in that 3:36 clip. Thanks for saving me 9 bucks.

  5. JoeMama's Avatar JoeMama says

    I'm pretty sure you will go to jail for posting this. This was illegally recorded in a theater, of which the laws are very clear.
    Mods, you should seriously consider removing this.

    Stuff like this can cause the site to be blacklisted, and legal action taken against the server owner(s).

  6. Troynos's Avatar Troynos says

    Nothing all that new. The hallway fight, thats it. Opinion is still the same, caustiously optimistic.

  7. supersonicshion's Avatar supersonicshion says

    Great fight, it looks really fun. But nothing we havent seen before though.

    Thumbs up!

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