LOOK/SEE G.I. Joe ARAH Limited Edition Glasses


Now here is something off the wall. An eyewear company by the name of LOOK/SEE is producing G.I. Joe ARAH Limited Edition Glasses!

LIMITED EDITION: Only 100 units will ever be made. Each pair comes in a limited edition blister package based off of the original toy packaging from the 80’s. The frame is constructed of a high quality acetate.

LENS MATERIAL: 100% UV-protectant CR-39

  • Cobra Commander
  • Duke
  • Destro
  • Snake Eyes
  • Storm Shadow

Check out images of the G.I. Joe ARAH Limited Edition Glasses after the jump.

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  1. CliffSteele's Avatar CliffSteele says

    Those are awesome! I can't bring myself to spend that much money on sunglasses though. At least not until they're unbreakable and have "find me" feature.

  2. Hellion42's Avatar Hellion42 says

    OMG I can't stop laughing. This is an actual thing, right? Not an April Fools joke? And people buy this? Even the "regular" glasses are ridiculous.

  3. Skeletor's Avatar Skeletor says

    You think it would have made sense to make a pair for the Baroness... you know an actual character that wears glasses.

  4. Imperial_Ozma's Avatar Imperial_Ozma says

    I guess you'd call these... Arashikagane


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