JoeCon 2013 Night Boomer Glow In The Dark Box

004 Joecon 2013 Night Boomer

Next up we have the JoeCon 2013 Night Boomer. The box glows in the dark and markings on the plane are stamped on Glow In The Dark.

Check out many images of the Night Boomer after the jump.

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  1. penntastic's Avatar penntastic says

    Holy what now!?!?! man I wish I lived back east and could go to Joe Con.

  2. ero's Avatar ero says


    Who was it that was wanting an updated Boomer so badly? Shin-Densetsu? Shogi? So psyched for whoever it was.

  3. MSU44's Avatar MSU44 says

    Really cool box...too freaking bad this wasn't released at retail. No way I can afford to get one right now.

    I so wanted a Night Boomer back in the day and never got one. Was hoping for it as a re-release.....looks like I am going to miss out again.

  4. orezona's Avatar orezona says

    Rad. I was wondering why they went with such a minimalist design on the packaging... Well done!

    So it looks almost like the decals were screened right onto the jet? That's pretty sweet too.

    Even more chagrined I'll never have one. *pout*

  5. orezona's Avatar orezona says

    Originally Posted by Shin-Gouki View Post
    Have we confirmed the $150 (Ugh) price tag on these
    Ah. You were right in the other Boomer thread, then.

    The ebay prices are going to be crazy.

  6. EdwinCSteen's Avatar EdwinCSteen says

    I need this next to my '89 Boomer. This Joe Con is killing me. So much cool Night Force stuff!

  7. CrimsonGuard101's Avatar CrimsonGuard101 says

    Pretty cool, but not worth the prices these will go for and i bet that glow effect will die out pretty quickly as the paint/ink degrades, i hear the flowers on Chuckles shirt also glow in the dark lol

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