G.I. Joe FSS 2.0 Tiger Force Shipwreck and Tollbooth

toll booth gijoe fss 2

Two new G.I. Joe FSS 2.0 figures have been updated.

Features an exclusive NEW head sculpt!
Includes: pistol, sledgehammer, pickaxe, wire spool,
work cones, and figure stand.

Includes: pistol, assault rifle, spear gun, boarding hook, satchel bag,
Polly (parrot), and figure stand.

FSS 2.0 is now LIVE! Yes, you read that right..LIVE! You can sign up for the next wave by visiting The G.I.Joe Collectors Club Subscription Page and following the on-screen instructions.

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  1. DESTRO's Avatar DESTRO says

    Discuss the G.I.Joe Collectors Club Round Table information in this thread.

  2. Starfighter's Avatar Starfighter says

    I wonder what the current membership figure (the one after Iceberg) is going to be along with the rest of FSS 2.0? Will they announce a FSS 3.0?

  3. atomatron has no avatar! atomatron says

    skullbuster, cesspool, toll booth, bombadier, dragonsky, nf falcon, tf shipwreck, tf airtight, big bear, keel haul, desert scorpion, widescope

  4. Starfighter's Avatar Starfighter says

    Well, next year's con set is absolutely going to be the Tiger Force then.

    2 Oktober Guard
    2 Night Force
    2 Tiger Force

  5. sithewok has no avatar! sithewok says

    I think I'm more excited for the second FSS than I was for the first. Some great choices there. I'll be selling the tiger force and night force figures, but keeping everything else. Going to be expensive to army build desert scorpions...

  6. Starfighter's Avatar Starfighter says

    I am really hoping that NF Falcon is going to be updated using the BBTS Marauder's 7-Pack version. That would look very good.

  7. Fast_Draw's Avatar Fast_Draw says

    I'd rather see characters we haven't had yet than NF/TF figures. Shipwreck, really? Another Air-tight?

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