Night Force Steeler with F.L.A.K. Reloaded JoeCon 2013 Images

001 Night Force Steeler JoeCon 2013

We have just uploaded new High-Res images of the Night Force Steeler with F.L.A.K. cannon to the HISS database. “Sometimes the Night Force unit requires more than stealth, and we just need to blast our way through something. That’s where Steeler comes in!”

Steeler Night Force 2013 – 25th / Modern G.I. Joe Figures G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern F.L.A.K. Cannon Night Force 2013 – 25th / Modern Vehicles G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern

Steeler comes from a blue-collar middle-class background. He put himself through college on an ROTC scholarship and by working as a heavy equipment operator. He entered Armor School at Fort Knox, graduating at the top of his class.He is familiar and proficient with all NATO and Warsaw Pact AFVs (Armored Fighting Vehicles).Among the first to join the G.I. Joe Team, he has taken part in countless operations against the Cobra organization. While he is recognized as a tough and dedicated soldier, his frequent clashes with authority figures, especially superior officers, make him quite a handful. Coming from a background in which you proved your mettle through physical contests, he frequently challenges team members to tests of strength and stamina.

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  1. Jinx723's Avatar Jinx723 says

    Being a straight up 3pk Firefly repaint, Steeler turned out to be one of my favorite figures from this years con set.

    I give him his OG visor.

  2. Indiana Joe's Avatar Indiana Joe says

    I really like this set. when I saw it on-line before I got to the con I thought I was the best NF figure of all. when I got to the con on saturday, they were all sold out! I did not even get to see it "in-person", or so I was thinking before I left. as I walked out of the main room down the hall to the membership sign-up booth, the guy there had one and was putting it away as I walked up. I finally got to hold it and man it's cool. I really like the color shade and color combo. the visor looks cool with the red detail. (btw- there was a display case on the other side of that booth with all the con stuff on display, but I did not see it till after) I had to get one off ebay. but, I got one. I also think the flak looks really good in black. if you can get this set you should.

  3. Destro's Son's Avatar Destro's Son says

    The set is so expensive, and STEELER with the flak is on ebay right now for about 100! Aargh!

  4. DESTRO's Avatar DESTRO says

    Yeah that Steeler is a great con figure. The F.L.A.K. is cool but I usually don't display vehicles.

  5. Jinx723's Avatar Jinx723 says

    I wonder if I could get $25 just for the F.L.A.K. since I don't want it. I just wanted Steeler.

  6. TheRealDubya's Avatar TheRealDubya says

    That's the peach of the con, if you ask me. Totally awesome update.

  7. darthschroeder's Avatar darthschroeder says

    That indeed is a great action figure. I wonder why a Snake Eyes figure never came with that Uzi?

  8. Fast_Draw's Avatar Fast_Draw says

    I'm glad I was able to grab one on eBay for under $100 the other day. It just arrived today, too!

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