G.I.Joe FSS Grunt 25th Anniversary Style High-Res Images

001 Grunt FSS GIJOE

We have just updated our G.I.Joe database with new images of the FSS Grunt. “You have to lead your troops by setting the example right on the battlefield, not by barking out orders from behind them!”

Grunt FSS 2013 – 25th / Modern G.I. Joe Figures G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern

Grunt believes that constant training and education are the keys to staying one step ahead of the enemy, and he constantly qualifies with the latest infantry weapons and equipment. To that end, on rare occasions he will strap on a personal winged glider backpack for silent attacks into enemy territory, though he prefers to keep boots in the mud.

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  1. SunDown's Avatar SunDown says

    I've been largely impressed with all the FSS 1.0 figures.....until the Grunt arrived. I think he looks terrible.

  2. Laird McCullen's Avatar Laird McCullen says

    The unpainted neck is an issue. I view this as something that could easily have been in a Dollar General wave. For $6-7 I would have bought a few. For $40 I'll skip it, even though I genuinely like the figure.

  3. cobraEdaco's Avatar cobraEdaco says

    I was excited for this figure when they released the first images. Then I saw the first pictures of what people were getting and thought that he didn't look very good. Then he came in the mail and I was like whoa he sucks. Then I opened him and said WTF!?!?

    1 out of 5 stars - disappointing...

  4. Talon1load has no avatar! Talon1load says

    Yeah, Grunt is a really crappy looking figure. I liked most of the FSS except for Gunt and Iron Claw. I just don't like either one.

  5. Turtle Master's Avatar Turtle Master says

    You have to thank tan Grunt every time you gaze lovingly at Big Boa.

    This was definitely a cost-subsidizing figure.

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