G.I.Joe Custom Jump Jet Pack Flames DIY

001 Jump Jet Pack Flames GIJOE 25th Anniversary

Check out a quick, easy way, to make your Modern Era – 25th Anniversary “Jet Packs”, have launching flames. All you need is the very easy to find, and affordable, Star Wars 30th Anniversary R2-D2 and get your self some official Hasbro Jet Pack flames.

  • Stalker
  • Duke
  • Starduster
  • Cobra Air Viper
R2-D2 30th Anniversary Star Wars | eBay

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  1. Xerofall's Avatar Xerofall says

    I use the Boba Fett one, but I'd imagine they are harder to get now...

  2. 1FormidableJoe has no avatar! 1FormidableJoe says

    Good looking! I will definetly be buying a few of these R2-D2 30th Anniversary Star Wars figures for these flames alone! -These flames are great for picture taking and dioramas!

  3. doawork has no avatar! doawork says

    Are the Gold Foil Coin figs so worthless now that they are used for customs? I haven't priced star wars in a while but I thought the gold foil was a chase card.

  4. CrimsonGuard101's Avatar CrimsonGuard101 says

    LOL did this years ago when I found one of those R2D2s stuffed on a clearence shelf at a waamrt in a remote town 100 miles out in rural lands...circa 2008

  5. JediKnutt's Avatar JediKnutt says

    Fits Iron Man figure's feet also. I have a couple of the Boba Fett version for my Jet Packs.

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