G. I. Joe: Retaliation Blu-Ray Extended Scenes Revealed

Don’t say we didn’t warn you… because we are issuing a Spoiler Alert now for, the Deleted Scenes from G. I. Joe: Retaliation Blu-Ray has been revealed by a French website titled EcranLarge.com. This new info was first tweeted by Retaliation’s Jinx herself; Elodie Yung.

These deleted scenes; which did not make the final Theatrical Cut, contains 13 minutes of new footage. Thankfully for us, Google is doing all the translation bits (with some minor hiccups). Check ’em out, after the jump. “For its video release on July 31, 2013 GI Joe: Retaliation has a longer than discovered cinema installation. 13 minutes extra work proclaims the poster. We’re not really surprised as the film has met with difficulties, culminating, many sequences having to be (re) turned. In film, the film was a big fiasco was disappointed almost all of the writing. This unique installation was he caught up? The answer is really yes, but not to the point of the film John M. Chu a great success. Besides proposing action sequences greatly improved (confrontation Storm Shadow Zartan-top), especially the long version allows to make the plot much more clear and logical. More importantly, it puts even more prominent our favorite movie, Jinx character, played by the French Elodie Yung, who had been completely sacrificed in the assembly seen in theaters.

A few details plans or near, here are the major changes made by this “extented cut.”

– 3min 30s (duration: 1min 30s): Just after the first attack, and before the opening credits, we find the GI Joe at the bar doing a contest of who breathes the longest underwater. The opportunity especially for The Rock to discuss the new kid, Flint, that Joe is a team, not individuals. This is also an opportunity to see a little more Channing Tatum which closes the sequence casually.

– 5min 55s (3min 53s): In film, after the credits, one chained to the sequence Tatum and The Rock playing in the war on x-box. In the extended version, it is replaced by the sequence in Tokyo which introduces the characters of Jinx and Blind Master (RZA). This was, cinema, visible only in part, just before the attack on the mountain. And yet, she was connected in parallel with the sequence of Storm Shadow is making her injuries. Here it is presented in its entirety and we discover that it is, with the scene of the attack on the cliff, the best action sequence of the film. A bitter fight between Jinx and twirling, hidden, and Snake eyes, all in a very successful design. With the way some well fendards sermons RZA (” Jinx, to excel in the art of war, you must first find peace “). In addition, we now understand why Snake Eyes comes into play, his master, Blind Master, giving him the order at the end of the sequence.

– 15min 28s : In the first attack of GI Joe, there are now more mayhem such as Flint (DJ Cotrona) slides on the ground and kills two villains in quick succession (one in the movie version). Or these plans The Rock flinguant some enemies with his big gun or Tatum eliminating an additional opponent.

– 20 min 48s (27 sec): In the movie version, the (false) President went straight into the bunker to find the truth. Extended in this version, he was arrested en route by a … kid armed with a plastic gun. A not very funny gag that should have remained unpublished.

– 45min 49s (24 sec): Snake eyes is not alone to observe the release of Cobra Commander. Jinx is with him to help. Although obviously, Snake Eyes does not accept too well the situation as shown in the end of the sequence. A scene that explains why Jinx then the jeep next to Snake Eyes on their way to the monastery.

– 51min 06s (40 sec): Healing of Storm Shadow in the monastery now has the right to the full sequence, and no longer found, as in the movie version mix some with combat-Jinx Snake Eyes.

– 77min 51s (1min 02s): A Rock, it bleeds and it is sew Jaye (Adrianne Palicki) extended version. With the added bonus of a verbal dispute between Flint and Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson), the first accusing the other of attacking solo, unlike the teamwork he advocated in the first added to the new assembly sequence.

– 87min 51s (52 sec): The arrival of the Cobra and ordered his minions is now at the same time a U.S. president’s speech to his counterparts in other countries. An addition that allows you to better link the sequences together and avoid the mess of the cinema release.

– 90min 50s (18s): The Joe into action and begin to eliminate the bad guy.

– 99min 39s (64 sec in two parts): Jinx frees prisoners and fights. Trapped, she is rescued by Snake Eyes and between them they eliminate their opponents hail of bullets mode.

– 100min 51s (2min 15s): A true compared to the sequence view room. The clash between Storm Shadow and Zartan (in president mode) does change significantly, it is much longer, and dramatic logic (we do not fight Storm Shadow by him just falling pieces of wood on it). As a bonus, we have the right to a surprise guest who complicates the fight.

– 111min 27s (18 sec): Once defeated enemies, on the beach, there is the conclusion of the relationship between Snake Eyes and Jinx. Is a brief exchange of sword which shows that the black ninja finally accepted his partner.”

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  1. Commander Nate's Avatar Commander Nate says

    I just saw Pre-order cards (that will be available starting 7/16) at Best Buy that states that you will get the Extended Action Cut as well getting to watch the theatrical version streaming on Cinema Now starting that day, 7-16.

  2. Troynos's Avatar Troynos says

    Great. There were so many deleted scenes that I think having them will make Retaliation better and hopefully fix many of the huge plot holes.

  3. Creeping Death's Avatar Creeping Death says

    I just hope there's more Cobra Commander in those scenes!

  4. alleyviper29 has no avatar! alleyviper29 says

    Even though rise of cobra got the mythology wrong, it was way more entertaining than retaliation. I was kind of bored in the theater. Maybe the extended version will be better.

  5. Troynos's Avatar Troynos says

    Originally Posted by alleyviper29 View Post
    Even though rise of cobra got the mythology wrong, it was way more entertaining than retaliation. I was kind of bored in the theater. Maybe the extended version will be better.
    How'd Rise of Cobra get the mythology wrong? They weren't making an ARAH movie, they were making a new Joe mythology.

  6. CrimsonGuard101's Avatar CrimsonGuard101 says

    Originally Posted by Troynos View Post
    How'd Rise of Cobra get the mythology wrong? They weren't making an ARAH movie, they were making a new Joe mythology.
    New James Bond Mythology more like it...

    Yes Dwayne needs a Oscar Emmy and Toni for his performance as Roadblock...the academy needs to thank him for bringing Joe back up from the depths of hades...

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