G.I. Joe Movie Hummer Footage

New G.I. Joe Movie Footage Filming in Prague, Czech Republic from YouTube.

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  1. morgencross's Avatar morgencross says

    An SUV driving down the road! Take that all you costume haters!

  2. Loki41872's Avatar Loki41872 says

    That SUV has the distinction of being the ONE thing I haven't hated so far.

  3. Gung.Heaux's Avatar Gung.Heaux says

    im not too thrilled about hummers being in the movie........i have no doubt that our military will be using this prime vehicle in
    2020...ish but i dont want to see GI Joe using it in 2020...ish.

    not saying that the movie will suck......i cannot predict the future.

  4. arashikage ninja's Avatar arashikage ninja says

    WOW! That Hummer looks just like mine. I mean exactly the same.

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