G.I. Joe Movie Exclusive Cobra Commander Images

HISS Tank.com has just received exclusive G.I. Joe Movie COBRA COMMANDER images. The new action figure images also include File Card information on COBRA COMMANDER.


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  1. esg2145's Avatar esg2145 says

    How hard would it to have done a simple hood, much less the classic battle mask?

    Give me a break............................. :(

  2. The Commander's Avatar The Commander says

    attack of the squid man!!!

    I dunno, it's not terrible, but I've dismissed this movie as having any resemblance of what I saw in the 80s or in the comics. Still, could be hope.

  3. Zartanman's Avatar Zartanman says

    Anybody else get reminded of KRANG the Walking Brain dude from TMNT cartoon?... That's not CC IMO

  4. The Commander's Avatar The Commander says

    HAHA just noticed the figure that doesn't resemble CC at all comes with his classic pistol.

  5. thunderdan19's Avatar thunderdan19 says

    Freakiest GI Joe/Cobra action figure ever... He should be scaring kids all over the world by about July... I think I'll be passing on this one.

  6. Hicks_Royel's Avatar Hicks_Royel says

    Well, I'm still gonna salvage it as a lazy Cesspool. But I'm not gonna buy it through eBay since it'll be out soon enough as anyway. I do like the Snake he comes with though.

    Edit: wonder if the helmet comes off.

  7. darthdoug's Avatar darthdoug says

    For the record, this figure sucks! I will only buy like 4 of it. I will open one and put a hooded CC head on it. Maybe paint it grey to match the outfit. Maybe the movie will shed light on why the breathing apparatus. However, hopefully it is only temporary so we can see him in his hood and business suit before long.

    I'm not that excited about the Jason Vorhees mask with Resolute Destro tubing.

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