New Images Of GI Joe Retaliation Wave 2 Flint And Firefly Figures

GI Joe Retaliation Firefly 03

Earlier we saw new images of GI Joe Retaliation 3 Packs Wave 2 figures, and now we follow up with new, up-close images of the following wave 2 single carded figures:

Auctions are by none other than viperkingdom. Check out more images of the figures after the jump. Unfortunately it looks like both figures lack double jointed knees and ankle joints.

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  1. memphis01's Avatar memphis01 says

  2. Ripper's Avatar Ripper says

    Mouse looks ok, nothing really pops. The Firefly is a pure figure that I have seen coming out for this line.

  3. Sonnensturm's Avatar Sonnensturm says

    I really like that Firefly. I hope it's not a cancelled figure.

  4. kennywr22's Avatar kennywr22 says

    Yeah that firefly looks nice. Looks like jungle ss webgear is on that new snake eyes. Mouse seems plain. Not sure on that cobra shock trooper. These are the wave two 3 packs correct?

  5. memphis01's Avatar memphis01 says

    Mouse head on ROC Duke's desert body would be a nice custom of young Rex. Don't you think?

  6. kennywr22's Avatar kennywr22 says

    So airborne is basically skydive with the new ace helmet. At least all the articulation appears intact on these guys.

  7. england joe has no avatar! england joe says

    Mouse looks like all theyve done is slap a differant head on the joe trooper an chest gear.
    Firefly awesome, the rest is for customs bits an pieces, for me anyway.

  8. memphis01's Avatar memphis01 says

    Hopefully Hasbro change the color scheme on them, right now they look like prototypes.

  9. Gatchaman's Avatar Gatchaman says

    The only good one is Firefly IMO. Firefly looks great. Hope they also make the version in his original darker colors.

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