NYCC12 – Acid Free GI Joe Art Prints

NYCC12 GI Joe Art Print 011

Check out some pics of the G.I. Joe Art Prints from New York Comic-Con 2012, including one that was unveiled moment ago. Are you a Scarlet fan? If so this is the print to have!

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  1. UncleHappy's Avatar UncleHappy says

    I really want to own these. I cannot describe how much I want to own these, but it is an amount that increases by large increments the more that I look at them.

  2. Python Viper's Avatar Python Viper says

    Yeah they look awesome and I would want a set too, but if the price is exorbitant the want stops there.

  3. Gatchaman's Avatar Gatchaman says

    For real prints those prices are actually right around where they should be. Especially if they are a limited & numbered run.

  4. Steel Brigade's Avatar Steel Brigade says

    I like the idea of the Scarlett image but not so much the image itself. They others are cool.

  5. Mista2x's Avatar Mista2x says

    Gi Joe and Transformers prints are awesome, but unfortunately they are being scalped to death on eBay with sets running ~$300 :(

    If anyone is at NYCC and can hook me up, send me a PM.

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