Walton Goggins On GI Joe Retaliation [Updated]

I am ROGUE has posted an exclusive interview with Walton Goggins, who plays a supporting role in GI Joe Retaliation. He’s one of the comic reliefs:

What can we expect from your role of Warden Nigel James in G.I. Joe: Retaliation?

Goggins: Funny.

Are you the film’s comic relief?

Goggins: I’m one of the comic reliefs, yeah, absolutely. He’s got some really good one-liners and we were able to go off script a little bit and improvise some stuff with director Jon Chu. It’s just a visual extravaganza, it’s so much fun, and it’s a really good movie. I’ve seen it and I’m really excited for it to come out.

Update: Walton Goggins shared some more info with Crave Online:

I’m also really looking forward to G.I. Joe: Retalliation next year. Do you have a good character in that?
Great, man, it’s a great character! It’s great! I play the warden and it’s just so much fun. John Chu directed it and Lorenzi [di Bonaventura] produced it. Everybody involved, Channing and The Rock, it’s just a visual extravaganza. I get to just make people laugh.

Were you involved in any of the reshoots earlier this year?
No, no. Everything that I had done was there and in the movie. No need to do reshoots for me.

Did The Warden have an action figure back in the day?
I don’t know. We’ll see what happens but I don’t think so. I don’t know that he is capable of jumping the way that the other action heroes are able to jump in a G.I. Joe movie. Maybe if you had an action figure whose special skill was walking.

Are you looking forward to seeing Goggins in Retaliation?

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  1. percehonson's Avatar percehonson says

    I remember seeing some greeting card where it had some guy in an air filled suit that said something like "He liked his farts so much he invented a special suit to sniff them". I think Walton Goggins would be a good name for that fart sniffing man.

  2. ssgjasonw's Avatar ssgjasonw says

    I'm looking forward to seeing him in the movie. He was great on The Shield and on Justified, so he should be good in Retaliation, IMO.

  3. GI Joe Eternal's Avatar GI Joe Eternal says

    Click that photo of him.

    He holds a gun like a girl scout. The comic relief is already working.

  4. Kujo's Avatar Kujo says

    Comic relief is absolutely unnecessary in my opinion. In a movie that I take seriously, I don't want shitty one-liners or nickel jokes.

  5. A.V.A.C.'s Avatar A.V.A.C. says

    Originally Posted by Kaboomskie View Post
    are we gonna get an action figure of this guy?
    Yes we will, but you will have to use your imagination because the packaging will say the figure is and looks like Storm Shadow, Duke, Snake Eyes or Road Block.

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