IRON GRENADIER Obliterator AT-AT Custom

iron grenadier at at2

Thanks to boards member Barefoot Jedi for posting up images of his Custom IRON GRENADIER Obliterator AT-AT!

More IRON GRENADIER Obliterator AT-AT! images after the jump.

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  1. Barefoot Jedi's Avatar Barefoot Jedi says

    Since Hasbro is producing a new, bigger AT-AT this year, I thought I would give my old POTF2 one some new life.

    I proudly present the Iron Grenadier Obliterator!

  2. chief_1 has no avatar! chief_1 says





    That's the most incredible custom vehicle ever...

  3. BvH's Avatar BvH says

    Wow BFJ, you make painting look easy. Excellent paint apps... and you painted the inside too!!

  4. Stoner's Avatar Stoner says

    This is the greatest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos and Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!

    That`s a 24K ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kneroh's Avatar kneroh says

    You've got to fucking kidding me?!?! AWESOME!

    I am absolutely speechless!

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