GI Joe Figures and Vehicles From Toy Fair 2013

GIJoe Eaglehawk Helicopter

Our Team has begun to upload pictures of GI Joe Figures and Vehicles From Toy Fair 2013. The Cobra Night Landing Craft, G.I.Joe EagleHawk and Ultimate figures are showcased.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, our 1st images from Toy Fair! Hasbro unveiled a generous amount of previously unannounced figures. Hasbro says these are waves 3 and 4(however stay tuned for more info on that, as technically wave 3 of Retaliation is already out unless these are really waves 1 and 2 of a different branding name like…GI Joe Special Ops and…well it gets confusing so hopefully Hasbro can clear this up!).

Some figures which were canceled from the GI Joe 30th Anniversary Toyline have made their way back to this upcoming assortment(spread across 2 waves) of figures! Those and many other figures shown include:

  • Ultimate Cobra Commander classic
  • Ultimate Storm Shadow classic
  • Ultimate Duke movie
  • Ultimate Flint movie
  • Ultimate Roadblock movie
  • Data Viper
  • Night Viper
  • Kwinn
  • Crimson Guard
  • Blind Master
  • Jinx
  • Cobra Ninja Trooper
  • Budo
Not many vehicles to be seen, literally just a handful, but for GI Joe A Real American Hero fans, these vehicles are classics and 1 in particular has been in demand for quite some time.
  • Night Landing Craft with Cobra Eel
  • Eaglehawk with Lift Ticket
Eaglehawk you ask? Why yes it’s a new mold modernized Tomahawk! An extra row of seats, rotor blades that fold out of the way(easier to store!), extra head sets, et al. Oh yeah the new Lift-Ticket is considerable different compared to its 25th anniversary Lift Ticket predecessor. Wait..there’s something else about it..oh yeah unlike the Retaliation vehicle drivers, this figure is fully articulated to boot! In addition we have images of the Eaglehawk packaging from front to back, click on the headline to check out all these upcoming GI Joe toys!

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  1. sparks007 has no avatar! sparks007 says

    for all of those who missed Renegades Storm Shadow Hasbro has answered bigtime

  2. ero's Avatar ero says

    Don't get me wrong, I like samurai. But not really seeing how Budo is ARAH.

  3. tycondrius's Avatar tycondrius says

    sweet I can so see that copter back pack being re-used for modern annihilators

  4. Steevy Maximus's Avatar Steevy Maximus says

    We must be the first Joe site with quality pics as things are running SLOW

  5. Quasimodo's Avatar Quasimodo says

    Awesome looking figures! Can't wait to finally buy some new stuff

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