JoeCon 2013 Night Force Chuckles Glows In The Dark

001 Night Force Glow In The Dark JoeCon 2013

We have posted up another round of Night Force “Glow In The Dark” features from this years JoeCon box set and exclusives. I don’t think a lot of people realize that Chuckles shirt has this effect, as well as some of the gear in the box set. I herd a rumor at JoeCon 2013 that Lady Jaye’s Night Force logo on her hat should glow, but I could not get that effect to work on any of mine.

Check out all of the “Glow In The Dark” images after the jump.

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  1. KushViper's Avatar KushViper says

    Wow! How did I miss that detail? Time to give it a try with mine.

  2. ekko's Avatar ekko says

    The Club did a great job with this set, and these little details are just the right touch to make them a little more special.

  3. RolandofGilead's Avatar RolandofGilead says

    Is he the only one? I believe the Night Boomer included glow-in-the-dark stickers.

    I swear there was a hint about things glowing before the set was released.

  4. Dragasses's Avatar Dragasses says

    I gotta say, that is a pretty towering home run for the club.

    they deserve credit where credit is due, and they really went the extra mile here. great job, guys. those things are all pretty spiffy.

  5. The L.O.C.'s Avatar The L.O.C. says

    Group shot I took last night underneath the black light.

    Note: Those are glow in the dark cast weapons from Alyosha.

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