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006 lady jaye Night Force JoeCon 2013

We have just uploaded new High-Res images of the Night Force Lady Jaye to the HISS database. “Lady Jaye brings a touch of class to the Night Force unit, along with a tough no-nonsense attitude, remarkable skills with edged weapons, and a left-hook with no mercy!”

Lady Jaye Night Force 2013 – 25th / Modern G.I. Joe Figures G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern

Lady Jaye is one of the G.I. Joe team’s premiere Covert Ops agents. While not a tenacious physical force like some of her Night Force teammates, she can hold her own in a fight, even when only armed with her trademark custom javelin launcher. More often then not, it is her Ranger training that comes into play, tracking enemy agents back to their lairs and lying in wait until she gathers the intelligence she needs. While undercover, she can flawlessly impersonate the social behavior and languages of other cultures, a necessity when hunting down international conspirators and not knowing what country she will be in next.

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  1. sithewok has no avatar! sithewok says

    Really wish I hadn't seen that comparison pic with the 25th version as I am desperately trying to convince myself that I don't need this figure...

  2. MJjoe4life has no avatar! MJjoe4life says

    I got one, but i didnt open her. She looks pretty cool. Wishing i could have gotten another one @ joecon to open.

  3. Konigstiger has no avatar! Konigstiger says

    25th LJ torso, 25th second 5-pack LJ arms (and probably hands), Shock Trooper legs. Only thing I can't place are the feet. Maybe 5-pack LJ?

  4. captain mal's Avatar captain mal says

    Am I the only one that never knew about this figure? Never seen or heard about it until right now...

  5. SE 55's Avatar SE 55 says

    I scored one but have no plans to open her. However I do wish I could get my hands in several copies of that web gear!

  6. Xerofall's Avatar Xerofall says

    A "meh" figure for me. I'm happy with the 5 pack version. Those larger legs makes her hips look bulkier than normal.

    However, carded she looks fantastic.

  7. Stygian has no avatar! Stygian says

    NF LJ gets demerits for having a major case of boob-a-licious cleavage- which seems somewhat uncool on a military style figure and speaks to the prurient interests of the lines obviously male fan base- but otherwise not a bad update. Not a figure I'll personally be desperately tracking down, but I can see this one being popular.

  8. phightower's Avatar phightower says

    I'm optimistic about Hasbro using "male" legs because the female characters look more athletic but I think they went to far to the other side with this one.

  9. cobraEdaco's Avatar cobraEdaco says

    Originally Posted by captain mal View Post
    Am I the only one that never knew about this figure? Never seen or heard about it until right now...
    You need to lift that rock every once in awhile.. ;)

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