GIJOE Storm Shadow & Snake Eyes Hoodies

storm shadow hoodie

The Folks at let us know they are have a new G.I. Joe Hoodies instock. If your loyalties are divided you may want to adopt this G.I. Joe hoodie that doubles as a costume for the conflicted Storm Shadow from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero universe and the G.I. Joe movies. The Cobra Storm Shadow Costume Hoodie is white with black trim and a zipper from the waist to the nose. This warm and comfortable Storm Shadow hoodie has a double sided applique design with embroidered accents that mimic Storm Shadow’s ninja uniform when he is with the evil Cobra organization. Embroidered accents include silver throwing stars on the front and back, red Cobra symbols on the chest and forehead, and the patch of the Arashikage clan on the left arm in black.

They also have a huge array of T-Shirts and other licensed products available. Check out some of their popular sections:

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  1. W.A.R.W.O.L.F.'s Avatar W.A.R.W.O.L.F. says

    i both my storm shadow hoddy, look very cool but i dont wear it often, i have 39 years old. i feel ridiculus, i use it has pj's. lol

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