JoeCon 2014 Convention Exclusive G.I.Joe Colton Will Be Available Carded!

Yesterday, when the G.I.Joe Collectors Club released the Official 2014 JoeCon Convention Brochure, many fans noted that an exclusive 4 inch G.I.Joe Colton figure was going to be released alongside the Club’s 12″ Convention Exclusive Offering. The figure includes a stand and 50th Anniversary Backdrop.

The question on whether or not this figure would be offered to those who do not collect the 12 inch offering and/or already had plans to purchase the 4 inch figure set has been answered and great news for all! Today, via their Facebook Page, the Club announced that yes, Joe Colton will be available outside of the 12″ Exclusive offering. Check it out –

We are getting questions about the 3 3/4″ Joseph Colton figure for GIJoeCon.

“I see that there is a 3 3/4” Joseph Colton that comes with the General’s Package (with the club display stand system). I’m a 3 3/4” collector and don’t want to purchase the 12” set just to get this loose figure. Are there any plans to make this figure available to other attendees?”

Yes! We will be carding a number of these same figures (no display stand or backdrop) for our 3 3/4” attendees to have access to this figure.

This was left out of the brochure accidentally. We hope that answers everyone’s questions.

So for those of you that were concerned that you would have to get both sets now, no worries! Make sure to stop by the Club page and thank them for the good news, then join us back here for discussion already in progress!

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  1. YoJoeNCSU's Avatar YoJoeNCSU says

    I love it. I just can't believe we are getting Eco Warriors before Sky Patrol or BF2K.

  2. Zarana's Avatar Zarana says

    I hope that t'jbang is actually a black female what for hunting zombies with a sword.

  3. EzekialRage's Avatar EzekialRage says

    I'm not going to lie, I'm excited about it. Hope the figure execution is nice. Ozone was one of my favorite Joes. Can't wait!

  4. sithlordsmart's Avatar sithlordsmart says

    So we are getting an eco striker (awe striker) & a toxo H.I.S.S???

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