Toy Fair 2011 Hasbro G.I. Joe Presentation LIVE!

Welcome to live info from Hasbro’s Toy Fair 2011 Presentation. There is a powerpoint showing going on right now, and they are flashing images of figures that have been seen or will be seen today a little later on. They will be doing Star Wars, G.I. Joe and then Transformers.

Check out for Star Wars and Marvel updates and for Transformers.

We will update text information from this presentation right here in this post. Please refresh to check for new updates.

Getting ready…..

2012 is 30th Anniversary. Start 30th anniversary in fall of 2011. 30 for 30. 30 products for 30 years, best of best.

New line look. collector focused. 12 inch back. exclusives.

very concentrated, collector focus.

3 card backs on aug 1st. Classic GI Joe cards. Classic Cobra Cards. Renegades Cards. Classic has pixelated explosion. Blue them for Joe. Red for Cobra.

Renegades cards show toon art.

Showing figs. Hawk, Ropper,Steel Brigade with lotsa gear, Cobra Commaander, new mold. Jungle BAT – WOAH. Troop Builders is focus. Blowtorch, similar to 25th deco. Cant tell about mold.

Crazy Legs, Croc Master blue / yellow.

RENEGADES FIGURES – Visual style – NOT ANIME. Little different. But use existing set of tools, some mold reuse. Can most likely fit with modern era stuff.


Vehicles, Hiss Tank again,

30th anniversary – SKYSTRYKER, reissue, 25th Figure. Fall 2011.

Original mold lost. New mold. Very true to original. Cockpit fits 1 figure. Comes with Ace, no parachute.

12 inch, very kids targeted. Rapid Strike, First Responder Firefighter, Army Heavy Gunner, Police K9. Parachute Figure. Not JVC


Comes with Cobra Commander in flight suit, who is holding gun mode G1 MEGATRON!!

SDCC exclusive.

Renegades – cartoon team is on stage. Showing clips.

Tomax and Xamot showing up on upcoming ep. They are spiritual guys, created the “Crimson Guard’, its the joes, action ensues!

QNA – Have a 3 year arc in mind. Will continue meeting future Joes and cobras along the way. Some may come back down the road.

Focus is on young kids too, so stories like Duke / Scarlett / Snake Eyes have to be implied without going there.

Want to show them grow, not be perfect team immediately.

So, with Mindbender, they are trying to imagine how did a purple vest wearing bald monocle dude come to be. He was a cocky, prissy spoiled brat styled guy like the Renegades guy is. Just an interpretation they had since they needed to get him younger in the show anyway.

Hint at any upcoming characters. Might need to go places where there are “SNOW”. Or need to go on a “BOAT” that you don’t want to WRECK. Parrot joke afterwards.

Hehehe he just said….

Animation style…

50s magazines, paintings. Used as starting point. Lots of painted backgrounds. Selling a mood. Talking about designer that just passed away. Worked on show until the end. Hadn’t worked on an animated show prior. Showing tribute to CLEM.

And that seems to be it! Check out for Transformers starting now!

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  1. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

  2. TheRealDubya's Avatar TheRealDubya says

    It's the Toy Collector Superbowl. Let the reveals begin.

    Officially starts Sunday, but we'll start seeing glimpses well before then.

  3. Sgt. Airborne's Avatar Sgt. Airborne says

    Are you ready?

    I said are you reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady?

    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets get ready to .... droooooooooooooooooooooool over toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zaaaaaaaaaah

  4. steve_smmr's Avatar steve_smmr says

    i just hope we get to see at least a little bit of new stuff.

  5. Jmacq1 has no avatar! Jmacq1 says

    Originally Posted by TheRealDubya View Post
    It's the Toy Collector Superbowl. Let the reveals begin.

    Officially starts Sunday, but we'll start seeing glimpses well before then.
    Wouldn't now be "well before then?" ;)

    It seems odd that they're starting on a Sunday. Doesn't Toy Fair usually go from Friday-Monday like most trade shows and conventions and such?

    Also, anyone know when Mattel's event is? (I thought they do a separate "collector's event" like Hasbro does).

  6. Troynos's Avatar Troynos says

    Mattel's is Sunday at 3. I'll be there.

    And yes, it's seperate like Hasbros.

    Hasbros is in an entirely different building from Toy Fair.

    TF starts on Sunday. Hasbro's is on Saturday, at least their action figure lines.

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