Transformers Combiner Wars Decepticon Viper 02 Hisstank

At NY Toy Fair a few weeks ago, we learned of a Transformers Combiner Wars Figure named Decepticon Viper. Viper, who is a homage to the Cobra Rattler, is a repaint of Transformers Combiners Wars Autobot Powerglide with a new/retooled face (that is very similar to a Cobra style mask).

New in package and loose images of this figure have been posted on the Greek Hasbro Website. These new images give us a clear look at Viper’s Flying  Decepti-Cobra Squadron insignia and classic Z06 on his wing.

It won’t be too long now before Viper will be available to the public. Do you plan on adding this figure to your collection, or do you prefer keeping the two universes separate? Join us after the break for discussion already in progress! For even more Transformers news, make sure to check out our sister site, TFW2005!

gijoe 6 inch turns swat cobra trooper

A new web page and facebook page have been created to help promote an upcoming Kickstarter for Cryptid Toys. The new page show turns for an upcoming 6-inch S.W.A.T. figure and 6-inch Ninja that looks just like a Storm Shadow we have already seen in the G.I. Joe line-up.

We have reached out to Cryptid Toys to find out more information on who is involved in the project and how their program will work. When we hear back from them, we will be glad to pass that information along. Until then enjoy the speculation and images for their upcoming 6-inch action figure line.

Cryptid Toys Facebook Cryptid Toys Home Page

Could this be the start of 3rd Party G.I. Joe Toys? Sound off on the forums and let us know what you think.

Custom Modern Era Dreadnok Thunder Machine Hisstank1

We’ve dug in to the archives to bring you an awesome custom piece from 2011! Check out this killer custom Pursuit of Cobra Dreadnok Thunder Machine by forum member Cobraoner. The rusted out, modernized look has a real POC feel to it.

Not only are there images of Thunder Machine, but you’ll also get to check out this beast of a vehicle displayed against an amazing backdrop, surrounded by Dreadnoks, of course! You can see them all and share your thoughts after the break!

Custom Modern Era Gung Ho v2 Marine Dress Blues 01 Hisstank

I know I speak for many when I say that this custom Modern Era G.I.Joe Gung Ho v2 (Marine Dress Blues) is a figure that many of us would love to add to our G.I.Joe Collections. For now, we’ll have to live vicariously through the amazing custom shared on the Custom Forums by forum member Letal. The work on this custom is top notch, from the molded ribbons, rank patches, removable cover…the list goes on & on.

The original figure, released in 1987, was an instant fan favorite. Mr. Ron Rudat was kind enough to share his insight on Gung Ho v2 in a conversation that can be found over on the 3DJoes Gung Ho v2 Figure Profile Page.

Make sure to check out the interview, then join us after the break to check out more images of this amazing Gung Ho v2 figure!

HISSTANK sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has sent out their newsletter for the week. Below you can see a few selected pre-orders. After the jump, you can see the remaining pre-orders and new arrivals.


The newest figures to the 6″ Star Wars Black series have just gone up for preorder. Series 02 brings you Clone Commander Cody, Episode V IG-88, and Episode VI Leia in Boushh Disguise. These awesome figures are available in a case of 4 for $79.99; a set of 3 for $69.99; and individual listings for Commander Cody at $19.99 and Leia in Boushh Disguise for $25.99. Search

ThreeZero brings you the first figure in the 1/6 scale Breaking Bad line – Heisenberg. This highly detailed figure stands about 12” tall and comes with his blood money. He also includes his iconic hat and sunglasses and a bunch of other cool accessories for $134.99.
Breaking Bad 1/6 Scale Figure – Heisenberg – Breaking Bad Figures

Wave one of the 2015 Star Wars Black line brings three all new figures including Luke Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine, and a Clone Captain. The case of 4 includes Han Solo in Stormtrooper gear and is listed for $79.99. You can also get the three new figures in a set for $74.99 and individually for $25.99 each.
Star Wars at BigBadToyStore

In this 1993 animated feature set in the 1940s, Batman is pitted against a mysterious figure who is taking out Gotham’s most dangerous criminals and many believe Batman is responsible for the murders. Finally, we have figures from this amazing movie, and it’s an incredible two-pack of Batman and The Phantasm! These approximately 6” figures feature multiple points of articulation and character specific accessories. This two-pack is listed for $39.99.
Batman Mask of The Phantasm Animated Movie Two Pack – Batman Batman the Animated Series

Big Bad Toy Store

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JoeCon 2015 Tiger Force Big Brawler Hisstank

The International G.I.Joe Convention website has been updated with a preview of the eighth figure from this years box set! Take a look at the Tiger Force Heavy Weapons Expert, Big Brawler! The Modern Era rendition of the 2003 Toys’R’Us Exclusive is one reveal that many have been looking forward to! From the GIJCC:


- 25th Anniversary Modern Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure
– 1st Modern Era Character Release based on 2003 Tiger Force set
– Removable Bandana and Shoulder Harness
– Includes G.I. Joe Logo Stand, Minigun, Backpack with Ammo Strip, Assault Rifle, Pistol, and Trophy Sword

(Note: Photo depicts mock up and final product may slightly differ.)

Collect all these great 3 3/4″ action figures in the 15-figure box set!


What are your thoughts on the latest JoeCon 2015 Box Set Figure Reveal? Sound off on the Forums!

TheToySource Weekly SourceNews! GIJOE 3.0, Acid Rain, Star Wars, MP-25 Tracks and More!

Greetings Sourcefans!
This week at theToySource, we have new instock items like GIJOE Subscription Service 3.0 Single Figures, Acid Rain Figures, Platinum Edition Year of the Goat Exclusive MP Soundwave & G2 Optimus, DOTM – APS-03 – Decepticon Barricade & Soundwave – Limited Edition Asia Exclusive, and Fansproject – Function X-V – M.A.D.L.A.W! We also have new preorders like Star Wars 2015 Black Series 2 – 6” – Case of 4, Play Arts Kai Variant – Wild West Timeless Batman, Star Wars Black 6″ 2015 – Wave 1, MP-25 – Masterpiece Tracks, Fansproject – Lost Exo Realm – LER-03 Volar, and BCS-01 Lonewolf! All this and more in this week’s SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. Now instock – GIJOE Subscription Service 3.0 Single Figures!
2. Now up for preorder – Play Arts Kai Variant – Wild West Timeless Batman!
3. Now up for preorder – Star Wars Black 6″ 2015!
4. Now instock – Acid Rain Figures!
5. Tamashii Nations introduces the S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla 2014 Spit Fire Version!
6. New preorder up – Movie Realization S.H. Figuarts Darth Vader!
7. New Kotobukiya Preorders!
8. New Bandai Tamashii Preorders Up!
9. Now Up for Preorder – MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks!
10. Make Toys Sale!
11. New Asia Exclusives Now Instock!
12. Now instock – Function-XV M.A.D.L.A.W.!
13. Now Instock – ToyWorld’s Evila Star/Devilstar!
14. 3rd Party Customs Instock and Preorders!


You can check out the full newsletter after the break!

Modern Era Shadow Viper Hisstank

Project New Sculpt II by the team at Phoenix Customs marches on! There’s been so many amazing new reveals added to the project that we wanted to make sure we bring you up to speed. Let’s start off by taking a look at today’s offerings, based on G.I.Joe BTR, or Built To Rule.

For those of you that may not be familiar with BTR, the concept was actually pretty fun – G.I.Joe and Cobra characters came with building blocks that you could use to create military hardware for either faction. Some of the designs used were cool, albeit outdated by today’s standards. Thankfully, the Phoenix Crew is here to remedy that issue!

Today’s line up of Built To Rule figure updates include Hollow Point and Heavy Duty for the G.I.Joe team and Shadow Viper representing the Cobra Legions! These modern era renditions of BTR figures are fantastic and you need to check them out for yourself!

Don’t forget, Project New Sculpt II is a month long endeavor, showcasing Modern Era updates to New Sculpt favorites from 1997 to 2006, so make sure to check back daily!

JoeCon 2015 Decent into Darkness Hisstank

The International G.I.Joe Convention website has been updated with a preview image of the next 12″ G.I.Joe Adventurer Accessory SetDecent Into Darkness is a new spin on the classic pilot look of the vintage 12-inch G.I. Joe action figure. This is the reproduction 12-inch 1969 Adventurer stripped of his long box gear and redressed in ONE of the uniforms sets included in the larger outer box that holds the entire 12-inch convention set.

Dressed all in black, G.I. JOE is on a stealth mission and must avoid detection! The second uniform set comes with:

– Black pilot helmet with visor and oxygen mask
– Black flight suit
– Black Mae West vest
– Black parachute
– Black Parachute pack
– Signal light
– Flashlight


Are you excited to add Decent Into Darkness to your 12″ G.I.Joe collection? Sound off on this latest reveal and all things JoeCon 2015 after the break!


JoeCon 2015 Iron Grenadiers Iron Anvil Hisstank

The International G.I.Joe Convention website has been updated with a preview of the seventh figure from this years box set! Take a look at the Iron Grenadiers Paratrooper, Iron Anvil! The Iron Anvil is a great update to his 2005 M.A.R.S. Invades counterpart and is a welcome addition to the Modern Era Iron Grenadiers Lineup! Check out the following from the GIJCC:



The Iron Anvil paratroopers are part of Destro’s elite airborne division. They are only deployed when brute force is necessary to complete a hostile take-over by the M.A.R.S. (Military Armaments Research Systems) Corporation. Their latest mission is the capture a billionaire’s tropical island in the South Pacific.

– 25th Anniversary Modern Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure
– NEW HEAD SCULPT on 1st Modern Era Character Release
– Box Set contains THREE Troop Builder Action Figures
– Includes Cobra Logo Stand, Removable Vest/Leg Straps and Knife, Sub Machine Gun, Combat Dagger, and Parachute Backpack.


What are your thoughts on the latest JoeCon 2015 Box Set Figure Reveal? Sound off on the Forums!