007 GIJOE FSS 3 Alpine Mountain Trooper

Alpine scales mountains piton bt piton, overcoming granite and gravity with pure muscle and persistence. That’s why the G.I. Joe team sends him up first on all vertical assaults. He truly enjoys the challenge of the most hazardous of all conditions: climbing sheer cliffs, in unfavorable weather, weighted down by gear, with Cobra shooting at him!

“What I do is an attempt to defy gravity.”

Check out HISSTANK.com’s photo shoot for Alpine FSS 3.0 after the jump.

cryptid toys skeleton 6 inch turns

Cryptid Toys has updated with new information on their new 6″ Inch Skeleton Digital Sculpt and new images of the Soldier Accessories. Cryptid Toys has also added a photo showing how some of their parts will be compatible with Marvel Legends.

With the “Army Alphas” line from Cryptid Toys, you can finally build YOUR army, YOUR way!

Cryptid Toys will deliver the intricately sculpted, super articulated 1/12 scale (6″) action figures that the collector community craves. Having been an action figure collector, customizer, and enthusiast for many years, I decided it was time to make the jump to an action figure manufacturer since toy companies were not producing the figures that many collectors have been clamoring for. Working with some of the most talented sculptors in the business who have not only worked on some of the most popular brands, but also with leaders in the industry, these figures will be brought to life from concepts to high quality action figures.

Cryptid Toys Facebook Cryptid Toys Home Page

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001 GIJOE FSS 3 Vypra Cobra Ninja

Vypra allegedly offered her services to Cobra Commander as a mercenary and intelligence courier by audaciously sneaking into his private business meeting at Extensive Enterprises. Intrigued by her boldness, and needing a trustworthy delivery agent in an organization comprised of backstabbing opportunists, he provided her with an encrypted data package for delivery to Night Creeper Leader at his heavily guarded temple. Performing the task easily and ahead of schedule, she was then granted access to choose her own method of conveyance from the Cobra motor pool for any future mission.

“No enemy stall stay me from a swift delivery guarantee!”

Check out HISSTANK.com’s photo shoot for Vypra FSS 3.0 after the jump.

Joecon 2015 loose inner box set

GI JOE 2015 JoeCon Exclusive Action Figure
GI JOE 2015 JoeCon Exclusive Action Figure

GI JOE 2014 50th Anniversary Action Figure
GI JOE 2014 50th Anniversary Action Figures GI Joe Action Figures

GI JOE FSS 3.0 Series Club Exclusive Figures
GI JOE 2014 Exclusive Cobra Action Figures FSS 3.0 Series

Vintage 1980s Action Figures ARAH Real American Hero!
GI JOE & Cobra Vintage 1980s Classic Series 1 through 10

New Custom Action Figures! Pimp Daddy Destro!
Custom GI JOE Action Figures & Vehicles

Annika Customs! – New Annika Custom Figures!
Guru Toyz Spylounge.net Female Action Figures

GI JOE Retaliation 2013 Movie Cobra Action Figures Toys
GI JOE Retaliation 2013 Movie Cobra Action Figures Toys

GI JOE 30th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, Rise of Cobra 2009
GI JOE 30th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, Rise of Cobra 2009

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Check out the latest arrivals and pre-orders from our friends and sponsor TheToySource.


Greetings Sourcefans!
This week we have new instock items like MP-24 Masterpiece Star Saber, Bandai Ressha Sentai – Tokkyuger figures, new GIJOE Collector’s Club Figures, S.H. Figuarts Sailor Neptune and Naruto Shippuden, several new TF Adventure figures, and a restock of Combiner Wars Voyager Wave 2 & Deluxe Wave 1, DX9 D03 – Invisible, MP-20 – Masterpiece Wheeljack – with coin and Anti-Hypnosis Device, and MP-14 – Masterpiece Red Alert! We also have new preorders for Play Arts Kai – Arkham Knight – Batman, Acid Rain Figures and Vehicles by Ori Toy, Warbotron – WB01-F X-Ray & Gun Set, WB03-B and WB03-C, Reformatted – R-02 – Talon the Aerial Assaulter, Iron Factory – IF-EX0R Limited Blue Version – Sonictech & Fellows – Set of 3, and Master Made – 002 Titan! And Visit our sister site theToySource.com for non-transformers collectibles! All this and more in this week’s SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. New preorder up – Play Arts Kai – Arkham Knight – Batman!
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3. GIJOE Collectors Club Figures Instock!
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6. Now Instock – S.H. Figuarts Sailor Neptune and Naruto Shippuden!
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13. Transformers Adventure TAV13 Nemesis prime revealed!
14. Now back up for preorder – MMC’s Talon!
15. New preorder up – Master Made Titan!

GI Joe Star Brigade Robo Joe HissTank

The Official Hasbro G.I. Joe Club has sent out an e-mail regarding this year’s custom class. For those of you that are attending the class, or for those that are interested in what this year’s custom figure will be, you will have the ability to create the G.I.Joe Star Brigade Jet-Tech Operations Expert, Robo-JOE! Below are the details from the e-mail –


Hey Class Participants,
This year’s character is Robo Joe. Parts for this figure build that you will receive in the class are:

1) Class exclusive (only available to participants) NEW 3d designed Robo Joe head
2) Class exclusive (only available to participants) NEW 3d designed Robo Joe face mask
3) Custom designed upper torso
4) Custom designed upper arms with shoulder rings
5) Auto .9mm Pistol with thigh peg mount
6) Right Outside Thigh with pistol mount peg hole
7) Sub-Machine Gun
8) Aliens style Pulse Rifle with backpack peg mount

All parts are cast in the proper base colors (orange, black, flesh, clear), so you will only have to paint details and parts on your donor figure. The figure that we suggest you bring is one of the three versions of the G.I. Joe Rise of COBRA Accelerator Suit. The more common versions are Duke and Ripcord. Corey at Smalljoes.com has a decent supply of Ripcord for $12.99 and has fast shipping if needed.

In the class, you will learn how to split a torso, and prep and assemble your custom cast original parts for painting. There will be a few people on hand to help with any novice builders, but more experienced customizers should have no problems. Paints, glue, and other supplies are provided. If you have a favorite brush or paints that you prefer to use, then feel free to bring those along. The class will be in the lower level of the Prairie Capital Convention Center. You can go down stairs at the hotel and take the tunnel. Starts at 8:30 AM. Please arrive 15 minutes early!

See you in Springfield!


Are you attending the JoeCon 2015 Customizing class? Sound off on the HissTank.com forums!

JoeCon 2015 Iron Grenadiers Metal Head Sculpt HissTank

The G.I.Joe Convention Facebook Page has once again shared an image of a sculpt from the JoeCon 2015 Exclusive Springfield Island: Peril In Paradise (Tiger Force vs Iron Grenadiers) Box Set. This time around, we get to check out the head sculpt for Iron Grenadiers Metal-Head. It should come as no surprise that Boss Fight Studio is behind this fantastic piece of work.

You can share your thoughts on this and all things JoeCon 2015 after the break.

joecon 2015 logo11

The Official Hasbro G.I. Joe Club has sent out a new email updating club members on how JoeCon 2015 Registration will be implemented and you will need to pay close attention. Getting this sad state of affairs sorted out is not going to be easy.

  • Can you sign up to be a member when Registration goes live? The Club email says no, then it says yes all in the same paragraph, it’s very confusing.
  • There are 2 different sites for JoeCon 2015 Registration one for Dealers one for Attendees!
  • It may take as long as 3+ days to confirm your Registration?
  • Some G.I. Joe Club Members including myself are not receiving the Club emails.
  • Because of the dock workers slow down and the back-up in China, the Official Hasbro G.I. Joe Club  will not ship the non-attending sets to you until June.

There are also a lot of people who have not tested their user name and password because the club store has been down and they are unable to do so. I would also hope that all the exclusives that people are coming to the show to buy, will be available at the show to purchase, and if there is a problem the Official Hasbro G.I. Joe Club  would give us notice and clarify that situation. Lets hope the dock workers slow down and the back-up in China did not effect the show exclusives in anyway. The good news is, all of the waiting should be over today if you even qualify for JoeCon 2015 Registration!

**UPDATE** The Official Hasbro G.I. Joe Club  has responded to a few of our questions.

Will the all the Con exclusives be at the show?
We have gone to GREAT expense to fly everything in.

Can you sign up to be a member when Registration goes live?

You can read the complete Official Hasbro G.I. Joe Club email after the jump.

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