Rapplicable Skills Wordburglar

The latest album from the Rap-Viper himself, Wordburglar aka Burg is now available for your listening pleasure! HissTank members loved Burg’s last effort, Welcome to Cobra Island and there’s no doubt that this latest release will be any different! Check out the official press release –


Your friend’s brother’s favourite Canadian underground nerdy rap luminary returns with a non-stop, lyrical boom-bap masterpiece. Applying his unique blend of humour-infused wordplay, intricate storytelling and classic hip-hop mentality over a canvas of crushing bangers, hypnotic head-nodders and razor-sharp turntablism, his nerdy honesty, cutting puns and “what did he just say?” rhyme style are fully on point and ready to get injected into your ear-brains. From party tracks and hilarious punchline putdowns to video game conquests, ghost stories, comic shops, NHL Hall of Famers and hometown pride, Wordburglar has covered it all in extensively entertaining, rhyme-packed detail. An instant rap party, RAPPLICABLE SKILLS contains 15 slammin’ tracks of ‘Burg’s patented lyricism over bumpin’ production from Beatmason, Fresh Kils, Milk Plus, Peter Project, Savilion and Timbuktu. Featuring the turntablism of DJ Irate, More Or Les & Uncle Fes and guest appearances from Chokeules, Ghettosocks, MC Frontalot, Mega Ran, Savilion, Sy-Fi, Timbuktu and Ultra Magnus.

DETAILS: AVAILABLE & SHIPPING as of AUGUST 28th. Full-length album featuring 15 new Wordburglar tracks. This limited edition, studio-mastered, sonically banging CD comes in an old-school, high quality, plastic jewel case, shrink wrapped and professionally manufactured – just like one of those CDs they used to sell at the stores your friend’s brother shoplifted at before the internet! Featuring fully realized, original artwork and design by James White of Signal Noise Studio and Dave Howlett. If you’d like your CD autographed just ask. Includes a digital download of the full 15 track album Rapplicable Skills.

You can check out the album and purchase your copy here – Wordburglar – Rapplicable Skills. Join us after the break to share your thoughts on Burg’s latest album!

1982 GI Joe Mobile Strike Force Team Introductory Newsletter

Via Facebook comes word that the G.I.Joe Mobile Strike Force Team Blockbuster Membership Kit has arrived at 3DJoes!

Those who ordered the 1982 G.I. Joe Mobile Strike Force Team Blockbuster Membership Kit received a bunch of cool G.I.Joe branded items, including:

  • Dog Tag
  • Belt with G.I.Joe Buckle
  • Membership Card
  • Iron-On G.I.Joe Logo
  • Introductory Newsletter, showcasing G.I.Joe & Cobra characters and their weaponry

This is yet another cool piece of G.I.Joe history that you won’t want to miss out on, so make sure to check out the 1982 G.I.Joe Mobile Strike Force Team Blockbuster Membership Kit page on 3DJoes.com for more images of this cool mail-in item!

You can discuss piece and all things 3DJoes after the break!

GI Joe vs Transformers Crossover Decepticon Target Master Triggerhappy By Sean Wang

Hisstank.com forum member Sean Wang stopped by to share yet another one of his amazing G.I.Joe vs Transformers cross over pieces. You may remember some of his earlier work, including ARAH Style G1 Megatron, ARAH Style G1 Optimus Prime and G1 Style Grimlock.

This time around, Sean tackles the Decepticon Target Master Triggerhappy and needless to say, the results are fantastic. I’m always amazed by the amount of detail Sean is able to squeeze in to an ARAH figure and Triggerhappy is no different. The best part? He really transforms!

You can check out more images of this fantastic custom after the break!


Check out the latest newsletter from HissTank.com site sponsor SmallJoes.com!

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been having an enjoyable summer. We’ve been staying busy here, getting new product ready for you. See below for some of our newest additions.

It’s free GI JOE comic book time again! From now through the end of September, for every $25 in merchandise ordered you will receive a free, random GI JOE comic book (our choice). To qualify, your order must contain at least one GI JOE-branded item.

We buy GI JOE, 1:18 scale military, and other collections. If you are thinking about selling please contact us through the customer service form on the web site.

We’ve recently added over 600 vintage GI JOE figures and vehicles 1982 – 1994. 99% of our listings in the vintage category are complete and in excellent condition (any exceptions noted on product page).

We have a complete in-stock selection of all Marvel Universe 4″ and Marvel Legends 6″ action figures released in 2015. This includes the Avengers, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man lines. You can purchase figures individually, or save $ and purchase by the assortment set.

Since our last newsletter we’ve added several new 1:6 scale military action figures. Dragon In Dream (DiD). U.S. Navy SEAL CNSWG-4 22nd SBT (Special Boat Team), “Weimy” as appeared in the movie Act of Valor. Also,U.S. Army Pilot / Air Crew by Soldier Story and U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team by DAM Toy. These are all ultra-high quality collectibles with intricately detailed real cloth uniforms and gear. Our APEX Action Figure Display Case (pictured left) is in stock. The case includes three parts: a crystal clear poly-styrene base, a stand, and cover. The cover fits snugly around the base to keep out unwanted dust. The stand is designed to fit neatly inside of the case and to maximize space for display of 3 3/4″ – 4″ (roughly 1:18 scale) action figures, or other figurines and collectibles of similar size. Made 100% in the U.S.A.

The popular APEX Tiered Display Stand (pictured right) is currently out of stock but we are taking pre-orders now for a late September delivery. We have in the clearance aisle a lot of cool stuff at low prices. GI JOE Retaliation, Indiana Jones, Marvel 4″ figures, GI JOE t-shirts, Gears of War 3 4″ figures, 1:6 scale figures, and much much more!


Artgerm has updated his Facebook page with the final version of the special Baroness cover he was working on! It turns out, this is actually the cover for the GI Joe A Real American Hero #218 NYCC Variant! Dig the cover? You can order the variant now for $14.99. Read on for a better look!

The Loyal Subjects GI Joe Wave 2 01

Our friend Steve Johnson has shared a full color image round up of the upcoming second wave of G.I.Joe Action Vinyls on The Loyal Subjects Facebook Group Page! Although we’ve seen images of these items before, they’re fantastic and give us a nice breakdown of what each figure, vehicle and accessory will include. Included in the image breakdown is –

  • Snake Eyes – 14 pts of articulation, multiple accessories and night vision.
  • Blowtorch – Flamethrower and propane pack, 14 pts of articulation and removable mask and helmet.
  • Beachhead – Commando Pack and multiple weapons.
  • Baroness – Laser Blaster and removable glasses.
  • Major bludd – Removable helmet, weapons pack and blaster.
  • Cobra Fang – Movebale blades, character seating and masterful sculpt detail
  • G.I.Joe Watchtower – Rotating blaster, character standing area, detailed nuances and movable spotlight.

If you’re in to vinyl offerings, then this is an assortment you won’t want to miss! Check out the full assortment of images and join in on the discussion after the break!

G I Joe Battleground CobraCommander

G.I.Joe: Battleground  included a ton of amazing character and vehicle artwork. When the game came to an end, many of us did all that we could to save the artwork. Well my friends, now you can view some of that fantastic work by Jarreau Wimberly whenever you’d like! Jarreau has shared art that he created for G.I.Joe Battleground on his Instagram page. We’ve mirrored a few images here for you to check out, but if you’d like to see more, you definitely want to head over and check out the gallery that Jarreau has shared on instagram.

Whats your favorite piece of artwork from G.I.Joe: Battleground? Let us know after the break!


gi joe reignited cover small

Hisstank.com forum member Nekoman has shared word that his Kindle Worlds title, G.I.JOE: Reignited is available for download! Check it out –

The war was over. For twelve straight years, we fought, we bled, and some of us died fighting terrorists called Cobra. “Over” is a word only our commanders and politicians wanted to call it. For us GI Joes, no, for us soldiers, there is no over. After capturing numerous head operatives and the suspected death of Cobra Commander during an air strike, the boys at home told us enough was enough. “You did good, now stop.” they told us more or less, words that burned deeper than any wound we could have suffered. But for my brothers, screw it, for me, there was no peace. It was plain as day what would happen when you stop half way on a mission, let alone, when you take the men some of us died to capture and grant them some sort of asylum to a backwater dump of a country. As the old saying goes “live by the sword, die by the sword”; it’s as true for us as it is our enemies, if only anyone else could understand that.

How awesome does that sound?! Make sure to download your copy today for only $0.99! G.I.JOE: Reignited – Kindle Worlds

Marauder Task Force Valkyries 011

The Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter marches on, with a new stretch goal being unlocked and new full color images of upcoming Valkyries being shared on the Marauder Inc. Facebook Page.

The color versions of the Desert-Ops, Urban-Ops and Night-Ops Valkyries 3d illustrations have been attached to this story and can be viewed after the jump. These color renderings better capture the design and appearance of the figures. The second “Bonus” stretch goal is unlocked, so Contributors at the Aesir level or higher can add the Gray Tech-Ops action figure to their rewards for $18 per figure. Folkvangr and Valhalla level contributors already get 1 (one) Gray Tech-Ops figure added to their rewards and can also order additional Intel-Ops figures for $18 per figure.

Join us after the break to get in on the ongoing Marauder Task Force Valkyries discussion!

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