Yo joe! It’s been a while since we’ve had any GI Joe toys to hunt for at retail but that’s about to change! Joebros has spotted the 2015 GI Joe 50th Anniversary sets at a Toys R Us in Los Angeles, California. More info:

Found the 2-packs ($12.99), Silent Strike ($59.99) and Desert Dual ($49.99) in CA. The store I found them at only received ONE case of each. The 2-packs are 8 to a case (2 of each, except Gung-Ho/Shadow Guard and Blowtorch/Croc Master are 1 per), Silent Strike is 2 per and Desert Dual is 3 per

There’s also been recent sightings in Texas, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer before these arrive at all Toys R Us stores. Happy hunting!

EDIT: It turns out Ramielschild made the 1st sighting in Texas. Have you found these new Joes yet? Post your sightings in our GI Joe sightings forums! Like to snap photos of your Joes? Post your GI Joe 50th Anniversary 2015 photos here!

Acid Rain Green Jeep 21

The HissTank crew is still running catch up after SDCC 2015 and we were finally able to shoot the awesome Acid Rain 2015 Show ExclusiveGreen Jeep with Green Commander! The set continues the retro Army Men theme of last year’s 3 pack, but this time we get a full on army jeep and a Commander to lead them. These are molded in a green plastic with no paint anywhere to mimic the old school style, basically the opposite of Acid Rain’s normal hyper paint applications. These have been a treat to pick up so far and I hope they continue the line for years to come. Check out over 40 HD shots of the set after the break!

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New preorders this week include:
Play Arts Kai – Marvel Universe – Venom, Bandai Tamashii including Super Saiyan Vegeta, Sailor Pluto, Tamashii Aura and Wave Effects and More, as well asNew GIJOE 50th Anniversary Versus 2-Packs, Play Arts Kai – Venom Snake – Sneaking Suit Version, DX Soul of Chogokin – Great Mazinger, PE-DX05 – Leonidas, KFC – EAVI METAL Phase Four: A – Transistor & HiFi, TF Adventure & Q-series for August, TFC Toys – OS-01 Ironwill, TFC Toys – OS-02 Medic, MMC preorders including their new Ocular Max sub-brand and a restock of Reformatted – R-12 – Cynicus, FansToys Limited Edition Green & Blue Scoria and Scoria – Smoke Dino Head Add-on, FansToys FT-03 Quake Wave – Reissue and FT-03T Quake Wave Darker Version, SDCC 2015 – Exclusive – Devastator – Giftset, Iron Factory – IF-EX04C – City Commander – Classic Color, ToyWorld – TW-D04, ToyWorld – TW-D05, ToyWorld – TW-T01 Grind Rod, ToyWorld – TW-T02 Aurora,ToyWorld – TW-T03 Trace, and BadCube – OTS-08 Sunsurge.


New Instock items this week include:
Acid Rain – SDCC Exclusive – Green Jeep with Green Sol Commander 1:18 scale Figure, 2015 Star Wars Black Series’ 6″ figures, 4″ Lost Planet figures by Toy Notch, S.H. Figuarts – Harley Quinn – Injustice VER, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Legacy Dino Megazord – 20th Anniversary Reissue, Combiner Wars 2015 – Titan Class – Devastator, MP-21 – Masterpiece Bumblebee – with Spike in Exo-Suit, Unique Toys – Ordin – O-04 Siegfried, FansToys FT-04T – Iron Dibots No.1 – Scoria, Warbotron – WB01 – Full Set of 5 Figures + X-Ray Gun Set, Apollyon 2nd Production Run, MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Reissue, MakeToys Dystopia, Yellow Giant, and Cupola, Transformers Unite Warriors – UW-01 – Superion Set of 5, Generations – Combiner Wars 2015 – Leader Class Series 3 – Ultra Magnus and TheToySource TFcon Toronto Exclusive – TowWorld – TW06B – Purple Evila Star!



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Here’s the latest update from our friends and sponsor at Big Bad Toy Store. Below you can find a selection of Pre-Orders. After the jump, you can see more pre-orders and all the new arrivals.


Big chief studios has released seven new 1/6 scale Doctor Who items. Included are two Tardis Dioramas priced at $359.99; four Doctor Who incarnations First, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth each priced at $239.99; and to top it all off a Weeping Angel Statue priced at $199.99. Search

McFarlane Toys is bringing a revolutionary evolution in brick building toys that allows collectors and fans to literally build their favorite scenes with this highly detailed and realistic construction line. We have a bunch of new sets to add to your collection including Dale’s RV, Woodbury Assault Vehicle, Prison Catwalk, Upper & Lower Prison Cell Set, Hospital Doors, Prison Boiler Room, Walker Barrier, and the Merle & Daryl Woodbury Arena Pack. We also have series 02 & 03 of the Blind Bag figures to populate your diorama scene in a case of 24 and random singles. Search

“Scott, I need you to be the Ant-Man.” To celebrate the release of this new film, Hot Toys is excited to present today, the 1/6th scale Ant-Man Collectible Figure! The movie-accurate Ant-Man Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on the film featuring a newly developed helmeted head sculpt with authentic likeness of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in the movie and LED light-up function when helmet is closed, specially tailored Ant-Man suit, an Ant-Man miniature figure, detailed accessories and a specially designed figure stand. $234.99
1/6 Scale Ant-Man Movie Masterpiece Figure – Ant-Man – Ant-Man (2015) Figures

He-Man and Battle Cat come ready for battle with these two new 1/4 scale statues by PopCultureShock. He-Man stands 23 inches high and is priced at $424.99. Battle Cat is an impressive 33 inches long and is priced at $549.99. Search

Based on the classic 1966 Batman television series, the Batman ’66 Retro Action Figures will have you shouting “Bif!” “Bang!” and “Pow!” These retro-styled figures are in a larger size with real cloth costumes, and their articulation cannot be beat. Mr. Freeze, King Tut, Bookworm, and Alfred all resemble their television counterparts, and they come in retro clamshell packaging. We have these figures available for $34.99 each or in a set of 4 for $129.99 Search

Big Bad Toy Store

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gijoe girls of the finest cosplay logo

The Finest Announces Partnership for Upcoming Charity Calendar

The costume club’s annual charity calendar returns for 2016, with all proceeds to benefit its charity of choice

The Finest: A GI Joe Costume Club (the Finest) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the United Service Organizations (USO) and the return of the Girls of the Finest charity calendar for 2016. The Finest will donate 100% of the calendar net proceeds to the USO, a nonprofit organization that has supported America’s troops and their families for nearly 75 years, providing critical programs and services through more than 160 locations around the world.

“We are humbled and honored to partner with the USO on this project,” said Scarlett Conn, the Finest’s project lead for the charity calendar. “A significant portion of our club’s membership is made up of active duty troops, veterans, and their families. Many of our own members and their families have directly benefited from the USO over the years, so being able to work with this historic organization and give something back is incredibly important to all of us.”

Established in 2007, the Finest is an international volunteer group of costume enthusiasts who portray G.I. Joe characters at comic and pop-culture conventions worldwide. Members of the Finest also support local communities and participate in military- and veteran-themed charity projects, including the annual Girls of the Finest calendar.

The 60-day funding period for the limited edition calendar is scheduled to launch in late May and run through the end of July. Finest members will appear at various comic and pop-culture conventions nationwide throughout the summer to promote the calendar and accept donations. When funding launches, online donations may be made here: Indiegogo: The Largest Global Crowdfunding & Fundraising Site Online

For more information about the Finest and the Girls of the Finest Charity Calendar please visit Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume CLub or join the conversation on Facebook at Girls of the Finest or Twitter using @TheFinestCC

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New Jersey Collectors Con Summer Show Is Sunday August 2nd
Holiday Inn Cherry Hill – New Jersey
2175 West Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

The door prize announcements will start at 9AM and conclude at 3:30PM with our last door prize announcement.

– 9AM Early Bird Coffee Mug Darth Vader
– 9AM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Death Metal
– 9AM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Gator Raider With Death Metal
– 9AM Exclusive TOYFINITY Night Mordle
– 9AM GigaPower HQ-03 Guttur (Metallic Version)
– 10AM Exclusive TOYFINITY Night Mordle
– 10AM FT-05 Soar (AKA Swoop)
– 10AM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Gator Raider With Death Metal
– 10AM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Death Metal
– 11AM Exclusive TOYFINITY Night Mordle
– 11AM G.I. Joe SDCC 2015 Gentle Giant Jumbo Grunt
– 11AM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Death Metal
– 11AM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Gator Raider With Death Metal
– 12PM Exclusive TOYFINITY Night Mordle
– 12PM SDCC 2015 Book Of Vishanti Gift Set
– 12PM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Death Metal
– 12PM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Gator Raider With Death Metal
– 1PM Exclusive TOYFINITY Night Mordle
– 1PM SDCC 2015 Combiner Hunters Set
– 1PM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Death Metal
– 1PM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Gator Raider With Death Metal
– 2PM Exclusive TOYFINITY Night Mordle
– 2PM SDCC 2015 Exclusive Ant-Man Box Set
– 2PM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Death Metal
– 2PM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Gator Raider With Death Metal
– 3PM Exclusive TOYFINITY Night Mordle
– 3PM G.I. Joe SDCC 2015 Desert Duel Box Set
– 3PM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Death Metal
– 3:30PM Exclusive TOYFINITY Night Mordle
– 3:30PM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Death Metal
– 3:30PM NJCC Custom Giveaway Dreadnok Gator Raider With Death Metal
– 3:30PM NJCC Mega Door Prize SDCC 2015 Devastator Gift Set

The Summer NJCC 2015 features a huge dealer room for Transformers, Marvel, G.I. Joe, DC and 80’s to current pop culture merchandise! NJCC is an action figure toy collector focused event. Boss Fight Studio along with Toyfinity Toys and MARAUDER GUN RUNNERS will be our Toy-Action Figure focused Industry guests. Pop Culture guru and author MARK BELLOMO will be attending as a special guest, promoting his newest books, The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars: 1977-1985 and Toys & Prices (20th Edition) and Transformers Artist DAN KHANNA who is part of the creative team for the new Fun Publications-run Fan Club and conventions, illustrating and plotting Club & BotCon comics as well as designing heads and character mock-ups for exclusive toys.

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GI Joe RAH216 cov MOCKONLY new

At this point I wish I could tell everybody on that IDW’s G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #216 was epic and a real turning point for the comic to reconnect with the fans. Unfortunately today will not be that day. The new run leading up to “Cobra World Order” is called “Cobra Rising”, but is just really a continuation of “The Death of Snake Eyes” and the Throwdown story. Even worse, this issue makes the Cobra organization look weaker than ever before, and the G.I. Joe Team look really stupid…..Again!

COBRA RISING! As G.I. Joe continues to mourn the loss of one of their greatest members, Cobra consolidates its power and brings long-departed villains back into the fold…

If you decide to read on this review will contain Major Spoilers.

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image jpg12 zpsc2djdood

HissTank member Marine_Deadpool posted his terrific Gung Ho custom. Using the new 50th sculpt we’re all getting in a few weeks he pulled off a beautifully painted custom of the Marine. Read more and see even more photos by clicking the link below.

Marine_Deadpool wrote: Here is the 50th Gung Ho I posted about a week ago in the “50th in Hand Thread”.  He has that Vietnam Era look and feel to him here, but I took a new Gung Ho and camo’d up his pants and cover in tiger stripe.  Since the figure was direct from overseas, he had no Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on his chest… And being that this sculpt is way too muscular to accept decals… I had work something else out and added the mark of my beloved Corps, hand drawn, and not an easy task.   Then it was decided to shave off the holster, and add on one of Marauder Gun Runners new drop-leg rigs that could hold their suppressed 1911, which I modified to hold the suppressor.  It’s already epic holster, just added some straps to keep the suppressor with the pistol.