G I Joe Strike Mobile Game iOS Android Backflip Studios Hasbro

After the initial soft-launch and the public beta of the game, Backflip Studios Inc. has officially launched G. I. Joe: Strike on iOS and Android.

HissTank reviewed the game before but the Developers have listened to the feedback by the fans and public to deliver a far superior product than what was originally there. We’ve noticed a highly significant improvement in performance and better quality graphics overall. We will be reviewing the game again later, now that it is publicly released.

You can take a look at the gameplay trailer, more details and the download links… after the jump.

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Ubisoft Toy Soldiers War Chest G I Joe SDCC 2015

Ubisoft will have a special panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con showcasing the update for their Toy Soldiers: War Chest game which brings in G. I. Joe and He-Man to the battle. VP global brand marketing and G.I. Joe historian from Hasbro; Derryl D. DePriest (aka DDD) will be hosting the event. A gameplay demo will be shown at the event and it is rumored that Skeletor and Cobra factions will also be revealed during the event.

Official Statement:

Bringing Toys to Life in Video Games: He-Man and G.I. Joe Complete the Toy Soldiers: War Chest

The He-Man and G.I. Joe franchises have become a cultural phenomenon spanning toys, cartoons, comic books, and movies since their introduction in the ’80s. Now the fan-favorite action figures make the leap to next-generation video game consoles in Toy Soldiers: War Chest. Panelists Derryl DePriest (VP global brand marketing and G.I. Joe historian from Hasbro), Mark Morse (director of global marketing and franchise development for Masters of the Universe from Mattel), and Josh Mast (producer on Toy Soldiers: War Chest from Ubisoft) discuss bringing these classic action figures to life and present a live gameplay demo and an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new trailer featuring these characters.

Thursday July 9, 2015 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Room 25ABC

SDCC 2015 GIJOE KRE O Set 001

The Iron Grenadiers are an instrument of disruptive fury, deployed when their leader Destro hatches a diabolical plan to increase his armament sales by plunging the world deeper into chaos. When the Iron Grenadiers attack, G.I. Joe is there! Slaughters’s Marauders ate the toughest, most disciplined unit going, led by their tough-as-nails commander Sgt. Slaughter. They’re the first ones to answer the call whenever freedom is on the ropes, and they’re about to hit the Iron Grenadiers with a daring quick strike. Set Includes:

  • Triple T Tank
  • Destro’s Iron Grenadiers
  • Sgt. Slaughter Marauders
  • 12 KRE-O Kreons

Check out over 30+ high res images and our quick thoughts after the break, courtesy of Hasbro.

SDCC 2015 GIJOE Steeler Crimson Strike 001

Steeler entered Armor school at Fort Knox, and graduated top of his class. Coming from a background in which you proved your mettle through physical contests, he frequently challenges team members to test of strength and stamina. During one mission, he blasts straight into battle in the prototype G.I. Joe Chimera tank to defend a city from Cobra forces that are attacking from the air and on the ground.

Check out over 20+ high res images and our quick thoughts after the break, courtesy of Hasbro.

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For those of you that may have been unable to get in on the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter, the wait is over! Now you won’t have to hate on your fellow collector who is grinning from ear to ear after finding their MTF figures in the mail box…you can get in on the excitement too!

Marauder Inc has updated their storefront with their wide assortment of Marauder Task Force gaming figures, weapons and accessories. You can mix & match gear, making your perfect figure! The MTF figures are also compatible with other Modern Era style figures, so you can mix and match parts to your hearts delight!

Check out the categories below:

So what are you waiting for? Head over and get your Marauder Task Force figures now!


We now have in-hand images of the SDCC 2015 Crimson Strike G.I. Joe Box Set. We took a few really quick pics for every to take a look at. The box is huge and is going to cost a mint to ship back from SDCC 2015 for those of you who are going out in early July. Check back often as HISSTANK.com will be posting up new images of the set all day long.

Check out the SDCC 2015 Crimson Strike G.I. Joe Box images after the jump.

SDCC 2015 GIJOE Alley Viper Officer 018

Alley Viper Officers specialize in urban combat and lead platoons of Alley Viper troopers in ground assaults. These Cobra officers train their troops to conduct fast-strike operations of takeover and sabotage in cities around the world. When Cobra invades a city to capture it’s valuable resources. Alley Viper Officers pour through the streets, weapons blazing, and battle G.I.Joe forces that are defending the city.

Check out over 20 high res images and our quick thoughts after the break, courtesy of Hasbro.

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GI Joe ARAH Steel Brigade Versions

The fan favorite Steel Brigade trooper from the G.I.Joe A Real American Hero series has been added to 3DJoes.com! Way back in yesteryear, Collectors were given the ability to create their own Steel Brigade persona by creating a name,  selecting the characters specialties, weapons expertise, traits, abilities and personality of their figure. Collectors filled out special order forms and returned them to receive their own Steel Brigade trooper.

Five variations of Steel Brigade version 1 were released from 1987-1991. These are commonly referred to as v1a-v1e. 3DJoes has broken down each figure, detailing where each part came from. Make sure to check out the G.I.Joe ARAH Steel Brigade Page on 3DJoes, then join us after the break to share your thoughts on this fan favorite vintage figure!


Acid Rain Green Jeep and Commander

Acid Rain is offering up more nostalgic old school goodness this convention season! As with their Convention Exclusive “Army Men“, a 3 pack of Agurts Infantry figures molded in all green, the latest Acid Rain exclusive will definitely become a must have for fans and newcomers alike!

The Acid Rain Green Jeep includes a Green Sol Commander, along with weapons and accessories found with other figure from the Acid Rain World. If you’re familiar with the line, then you know that AR exclusives sell out and sell out QUICKLY, so if you get a chance at one, jump on it!

This offering will priced at $50 and can be found at the Toynami booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 . For those that can’t make the show, keep your eyes locked on eBay! Are you planning on adding the Exclusive Green Jeep and Green Commander to your Acid Rain collection? Sound off after the break!

cobra team

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